Tid-Bits on a Wednesday

I didn’t think I would be gone this long.

I had prepped, planned, and prepared to the best of my ability to keep me ahead of the game.  I had made plans and then life happened.  Isn’t that what they say?  When there are more balls in the air than you are able to keep suspended with two small hands and a random save from a left ankle – à la hacky sack style, you must let the balls fall that won’t break when they hit the earth.  But merely roll to a corner, sitting and waiting for us to toss them back into the air.

So for the past few weeks, this blog has been gathering a bit of dust while I turned my life a bit upside down.  There has been trips and a conference and a selling of a home and a renting of an apartment.  A moving experience that has me in debt to my brothers and sister in laws and parents and nephew and nieces for the remainder of my life.  Add to this training and moonlighting at another hospital, unpacking the final lingering boxes, and trying to maintain some sort of social existence along with watching a bit of October baseball.  Also, did I mention Stan (resident furball) was diagnosed with congestive heart failure (CHF) during this period and I am now shoving pills down his thoat twice daily for the remainder of his life.  Can I add prying a cat’s jaw open to my resume?  There was also 10+ days where I unexpectadly went ‘unplugged’.  Gosh, I need a drink.

But guess what…I finally cooked last weekend and that recipe shall show itself here soon enough.  Promise.  But until then, I have been hoarding away a few tid bits that I think will hold us over.

A photography series that reminds me of the school picture frames where there is a space dedicated for each year from kindergarden to senior year.  A time lapsed experience.  Natural progression and aging.  A transformation.

While not as moving and stunning as the Brown sisters from above, Hugh Jackman over the years. 

I had no clue this world existed.  I mean, I did.  But not on the scope that it is.  Rodeos don’t make it to Ohio.   Shows we can have big hair, wear rhinestones, and ride a horse with the best of them.

My favorite tumblr feed.  And honestly, I don’t really understand how tumblr works.  Anyone?

This stinking goat 

I kind of feel this way about brunch.  Who doesn’t eat within 20 minutes of waking up?  Or am I waking up too early on weekends?  If brunch is planned, I am always sneaking an actual breakfast first.  Brunch after 11am…isn’t this just lunch?

However, if this was at brunch every. single. time…I might consider changing brunch perspective.  Also, if you follow me on Instagram then will also know that her crispy fried egg method works like a f***ing dream.

Can I hand this out on first dates?

I could take Paris any time of the year, however fall seems exceptionally lovely.

A Polaroid camera, one must have once in their life.  If only to make a wall of photos.  I taught the niece and nephew how to use a disposable camera recently.  Next up, showing them how to ‘shake it’.

My stylist and I have been speaking different layer languages.   Amazed I don’t have a mullet.

I recently just had my very first black and white cookie.  People!  No time like the present to make this Brooklyn favorite in an Ohio kitchen.   And seriously, read her whole blog.  Jennie is one of those greats.

An article club over a book club.  We call this journal club in the medical world.  Journal club with girlfriends and cocktails…call it article club and sign me up!

I moved and the amount of clothing in my possession is annoying me.  Have you heard of a capsule wardrobe?  Of course you have.  You guys are wise to this sort of thing.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Oh, and it is October baby!  Let’s go Royals and Giants!


Published by Mallory

A twenty - something (at least for a little while longer) trying to squeeze the most out of life...but mainly baking/cooking up a storm in my kitchen while watching Netflix.

6 thoughts on “Tid-Bits on a Wednesday

  1. Mallory, thanks so much for including a link to my B&W cookies. Nice to see you back, too! Sorry to hear about Stan. I just came back form the vet with Ms. Paula Poundstone, and it turns out my little rescue kitty needs some major dental work. Nothing as severe as CHF, but darn, how these little furballs work their way into our hearts.


    1. Oh goodness…hope Ms Paula does well with the dental surgery. They work themselves into every corner of our hearts and become such important parts of our famlies. Stan seems to be doing much better now – thankful! – and close to being his normal spunky self. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Mal,
    Good things to come! Hope Stan is doing well. Maybe he could be your CHF mascot for work.
    Brunch…I agree..did you miss breakfast or are we eating lunch too early?! ;)’


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