A Manhattan in Cleveland

Tonight (Wednesday) is the biggest bar night of the year.  So they say. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  When most or a majority of folks are staying with relatives.  Traveling some sort of distance to spend a day or the whole weekend (4 entire days) with loved ones.  In close quarters with brothers and sisters.  NieceContinue reading “A Manhattan in Cleveland”

Bailey’s Irish Cream Chocolate Cupcakes

Start doing sit-ups now.  Log a few miles.  Pump some iron.  Run some stairs.  I did.  Why?  One word, cupcakes.  Take notice of the platter, my lovely grandmother painted it!  Awesome, right? Not just any cupcake.  These are chocolate cupcakes, filled and iced with a Bailey’s infused chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream icing.  Maybe I should haveContinue reading “Bailey’s Irish Cream Chocolate Cupcakes”