Pecan Sticky Buns…quick like

Sticky buns … are they really a breakfast food?  Breakfast’s dessert maybe.  Lunch and dinner have dessert, but why not breakfast?  In all reality, that’s the meal where dessert should be eaten.  I mean, it gives us the rest of the day to work off the extra sugar calories.  Right?  I am down for havingContinue reading “Pecan Sticky Buns…quick like”

Upside Down Strawberry Lemon Cake

I wore a white tee shirt to Target today and within seconds of being in public, I dribbled coffee down my front.  I do this constantly.   I have this problem even with straws…Lord help me.  From here on out I am only wearing shirts that match the color of my beverage.   So today, I ran errands withContinue reading “Upside Down Strawberry Lemon Cake”