Shortbread Cookies…the Finale

My little brother, who by the way is no longer little and who looks alarmingly like my older brother is a man of few words.  He is not the talkative one of the bunch…I’d probably take that crown, as grandpa always said, my mouth was constantly motoring.  However, when James talks he 1) gets his point acrossContinue reading “Shortbread Cookies…the Finale”

The long and short of it all

   I have a sweet tooth … a mean mean mean sweet tooth.  I could survive on baked goods, but unfortunately you would have to airlift me out of my house in about 6 months.  For this reason, I do survive on other items from the food pyramid…grudginly so.     Flipping through Jamie Oliver’s cookbook, CookContinue reading “The long and short of it all”