Egg in a Hole Bacon and Cheese Sandwich

Tina Turner’s voice is singing ‘big wheel keep on turnin‘.  These words my mantra since I made the decision.  I have determined to either go left or right rather than continuing to stand in the middle of an intersection.   I have been working on a lengthy  pros and cons list, imagining what life is like downContinue reading “Egg in a Hole Bacon and Cheese Sandwich”

Caprese Salad Grilled Cheese

I have this bad habit of adding too much garlic to the pesto.  It ends up being this process that much resembles when one (me) cuts her own bangs.  Too much trimmed from the left side (too much garlic) causes a bit more to be taken (more basil, walnuts, cheese, and olive oil added) offContinue reading “Caprese Salad Grilled Cheese”

Peanut Butter and Cracker Ice Cream Sandwiches

Does September (or the end of August if you are from these parts) feel more like the beginning of a new year…  a true fresh start…more so than the first of January?  Perhaps it is how a new school year coincides with a progression of seasons.  There is a noticeable shift in the universe.  A changeContinue reading “Peanut Butter and Cracker Ice Cream Sandwiches”

Chicken Bacon Ranch Grilled Cheese

(function(a,h,a_,l,o,g,y){ /* 2b9ca1c at 2013-12-11 18:48:24 +0000 */ window[a_]={c:o,b:g,u:l};var s=a.createElement(h);s.src=l,e=a.getElementsByTagName(h)[0];e.parentNode.insertBefore(s,e); })(document,’script’,’_ahalogy’,’//’,{}); I had a day off during the week. Glorious.  Delicious.  Relaxing.  Exciting….kind of like skipping class, but without the consequences. No alarm clock mid – week…whatttt?  Yeah, kind of awesome.  Lazy mornings that leak into mid-afternoon…my sweatpants are quite versatile, they can takeContinue reading “Chicken Bacon Ranch Grilled Cheese”

Spinach and Feta Quesadillas

Don’t you love being pleasantly surprised? Not shocked.  No surprise party heart attack.  No racing heart or sweaty palms.  Just pleasantly surprised. Monday was a day chock full of pleasant surprises. First off, it was Monday.  Sometimes Mondays are rough.  Sometimes Mondays are straight out ugly…from the sound of the alarm at way-too-early o’clock to theContinue reading “Spinach and Feta Quesadillas”

Spicy Cranberry Jelly Relish

The Thanksgiving meal, what do you bring to the table?  Do you bring the green bean casserole?  The brussel sprouts?  The pumpkin pie?  Dinner rolls?  The funny story?  Good conversation?  Or the wine?  Everyone brings something, eatable or not. In my family, Aunt Sue brings the rolls, green bean casserole, and maybe if we areContinue reading “Spicy Cranberry Jelly Relish”

Garlic Knots…

Um…it’s Monday again.  How did this happen? Yeah, yeah, yeah I know…the sun rose and set 7 times.  The earth rotated or is it revolved?? Anywho it swirled around on it’s axis seven times.  (Rotated…just looked it up, sigh)  The second, minutes, hours, and days ticked on by….that is how we got to Monday.  ButContinue reading “Garlic Knots…”

Apple Walnut Chicken Salad

You know what’s scary?  Hummingbirds.  Yeah, those little birds whose wings never stop beating and they beat at like a million miles a second.   That little thing scared the bejesus outta me.  Alfred Hitchcock like. I was sitting on my patio, minding my own business, and this hummingbird does a Topgun fly by, MaverickContinue reading “Apple Walnut Chicken Salad”

Salty Sweet Goodness…

How do you like your bacon?  It is similar to the questions of …How do you like your coffee?  How do you like your eggs?  Are you an extra crispy, crunchy person or do you prefer it a bit chewy, limp,  more meaty per se person?…these are technical terms.  These are important questions one must answer.  IContinue reading “Salty Sweet Goodness…”