Post Disney Funk and Carmelitas

The week following a vacation is generally just a melancholic blur of work and laundry and grocery shopping and laundry and healthier eating and memories of warmth and sunshine.  This goes for vacations lasting the usual 7 days or those extending towards two weeks and/or particularly those cut short at 3 or 4 days, the so-calledContinue reading “Post Disney Funk and Carmelitas”

Because 26.3 Would Be Crazy…

  Dear Cleveland Marathon, Just a quick Thank You note.  Thank you for being my first marathon.  We were awesome today.  My feet and your pavement…we rocked it.  Cleveland, while you are not my first home, you have become my home, and I think we are now forever friends, no matter where life leads us.Continue reading “Because 26.3 Would Be Crazy…”

WE ARE Tough Mudders….

  This past Saturday was not your ordinary Saturday.  Not for Jeff (my older brother), Shawn (family friend), and I.  For us and about 13,000 others…it was Tough Mudder day. Beyond YouTube videos and a taste of extreme trail running from last year’s Mud Run …we hadn’t a clue of what was waiting for us beyond the Starting Line.Continue reading “WE ARE Tough Mudders….”

Memorial Day Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend was full of ’em… Shenanigans that is.  I ran out of the kitchen this weekend and spent some much needed time out in the good ‘ole Ohio sunshine.  My weekend started on a Thursday night, when 4 of us (Jeff, James, Andrea, and I) went to the Zac Brown concert down in Columbus. Continue reading “Memorial Day Weekend Shenanigans”