They say it’s your birthday / It’s my birthday too, yeah

30 years.  3 decades. 1,565.32 weeks.  Even more days, hours, minutes, and seconds.   30 years of heart beats and breaths.  30 years where smiles have outnumbered frowns.  Laughter has been abundant.  Tears have been rare.  Cities have been explored and oceans have been swam.  Miles have been walked, ran, and flown.   Friendships forged and lovesContinue reading “They say it’s your birthday / It’s my birthday too, yeah”

Strawberry Rhubarb Bars

  I read several food blogs daily, big surprise right? I consider the compelation to be my own personal newspaper, since I don’t read any mainstream newspaper.  Some of you,  I know read at least one newspaper a day…you have told me so, proudly, and I am proud of you.  I actually admire you andContinue reading “Strawberry Rhubarb Bars”