Apple Pie

Apples, quintessential fall food, right? Sure they are great year round, but fall…fall is when they are at their peak. During my childhood, fall was always filled with apple desserts….not pumpkin.  Apples.  Apples were always in abundance because mom and grandma would take us apple picking.  A small orchard (and in all reality I haven’tContinue reading “Apple Pie”

Blackberry Pie Bars

As much as I like warm and sunny spring days….gray and rainy spring days make me even happier.  I am talking a constant rain/downpour/drizzle and overcast gray clouds – the kind that makes it feel like dusk from morning to, well, dusk.  And fog, well I wouldn’t complain. These days aren’t my favorite because I likeContinue reading “Blackberry Pie Bars”