Blueberry Muffins

Working the weekend…kinda sorta stinks.  Like dirty socks. It is hard.  And cruel.  And unfortunately, necessary. Wanna know what makes them easier?  Blueberry muffins and a decent Pandora station.  Fact. Oh! and coffee….lots and lots and lots of coffee.  Which, thankfully goes very well with blueberry muffins and good music.  It is like they knewContinue reading “Blueberry Muffins”

Whole Wheat English Muffins

Who makes English muffins? I do.  From scratch,  for no other reason than a simple craving for a sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich.  And why do I have an urge to call this sandwich a ‘Mc’ something or other?  McMuffin is just so darn catchy and engrained in our minds.  I have lived with theContinue reading “Whole Wheat English Muffins”

Apple Cider Muffins

I learned a few things recently… 1) Plum colored nail polish is my new/only fav 2) I enjoy being the voice over for cats… 3)  Texans love Texas…Like really really love.  I kinda dig it. 4)  Armadillos stink as roadkill.  Like really truly smell. 5)  If you live in Texas, you must own a truck.  TexasContinue reading “Apple Cider Muffins”