Fizzy Bees Knees – A Gin Cocktail

Remind me to never move south of the Mason Dixon line. Too hot, humid, and sticky for this gal.  Plus, I haven’t learned how to mosey yet so I would just be the sweaty odd duck down there, walking and talking much too fast.  I could get behind the biscuit situation, however.  And caramel cake.Continue reading “Fizzy Bees Knees – A Gin Cocktail”

Strawberry Rhubarb Fizz…

Food reminds me of people.  Lemon – grandma.  Black Cherry Ice Cream and peach pie (not together…or maybe together) – mom.  Chocolate  – my sister-in-law (and her children).  Lemonade and Reese’s PB eggs- my younger brother.  Chocolate ice cream with ‘stuff’ mixed in (nuts preferably) my dad.  Strawberry rhubarb treats and cherry cordial ice cream- my olderContinue reading “Strawberry Rhubarb Fizz…”