Roasted Garlic and Ginger Carrot Soup

  Have you ever turned yourself a color?  A color different from what you were born with.  A color different from what sun exposure can create.  And no body paint was involved?  Because, unless you are a Blue Man, you shouldn’t be using body paint….that is just plain strange.  And strange…well I may not haveContinue reading “Roasted Garlic and Ginger Carrot Soup”

Garlic Knots…

Um…it’s Monday again.  How did this happen? Yeah, yeah, yeah I know…the sun rose and set 7 times.  The earth rotated or is it revolved?? Anywho it swirled around on it’s axis seven times.  (Rotated…just looked it up, sigh)  The second, minutes, hours, and days ticked on by….that is how we got to Monday.  ButContinue reading “Garlic Knots…”