Cherry Handpies

A cherry pie routinely sat atop the counter that was created by the dishwasher.   The kitchen appliance that appeared in my grandparent’s kitchen one random year because someone somewhere thought it necessary that two aging folks needed a dishwasher after 70 some years of living without one. It wasn’t the sort that is stationary andContinue reading “Cherry Handpies”

Let’s Vacation – Blue Ridge Parkway

1565.4 miles. 6 states. 7 days. 1 Blue Ridge Parkway 2 Harleys. 2 parents, 1 daughter 5 Hotels 1 Swiss Chateau. 9 Bags of White Cheddar Popcorn 2 Nights spent in a dry county 124K curves 26 VERY dark tunnels. 275 Overlooks. 268 Overlooks missed 4 National Forests 6, 047 feet at our highest 217Continue reading “Let’s Vacation – Blue Ridge Parkway”

Oatmeal Pecan Scotchies

Food is quite the memory jogger.  A trigger of sorts.  Much like music.  Or certain smells. I don’t know if everyone is like this, but I want to think that a warm chocolate chip cookie takes everyone back to their childhood – I think my first memory of a chocolate chip cookie and looking back,Continue reading “Oatmeal Pecan Scotchies”

I might turn into a lobster

Well, I just packed up my mom, grandma, and aunt and sent them home.  Well, I didn’t send them.  I would have liked them to stay longer, but vacation can’t last forever.  That is right, we were on vacation.  Jealous?  You should be, it was fantastic.  7 glorious days, spent with 3 of my favorite ladies.  ThreeContinue reading “I might turn into a lobster”