Coconut Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

I am in a funk, a rut.  Having a serious lazy bout.  A bit blasé.   Even a touch melancholy.  Whatever you call it, I am in it.  My get up and go is gone.  This happens from time to time ( to everyone, I think.  I hope.) and this time around it is becauseContinue reading “Coconut Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies”

Chocolate Espresso Bean Shortbread Cookies

Coffee.  I am addicted.  I am totally cool with it. Just coffee, plain ol’ drip coffee…coffee snob, I am not.  Snobs are no fun and make other people feel like crap.  I try not to make people feel like crap.  No one deserves that, especially when they are just trying to enjoy a cup of coffee.Continue reading “Chocolate Espresso Bean Shortbread Cookies”

Lemon Cookies…it’s a small thing.

It’s the little things in life … Little things, simple things… that occur every day.  They (whoever they are…) say it’s the secret to happiness…enjoying the little things.  And I agree…completely and whole heartedly.  A day can be made great by noticing the small things. Big, grandious things are awesome, don’t get me wrong…. But let’s get real,Continue reading “Lemon Cookies…it’s a small thing.”

Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you learn nothing else this day, week, month, year…learn to brown butter.  You will thank me. Once you learn to brown butter, learn moderation or you might need larger pants and Lipitor.  True fact. The perk to browning butter (besides the awesome nutty carmel flavor) … it gives you a chance to practice patience. Continue reading “Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies”

Chocolate Walnut Biscotti

Happy Monday! I made cookies.  Cookies to be enjoyed with coffee.  And on Mondays, coffee is essential.  But if you are like me, coffee is essential each and every day…(as are cookies!)  Not because you need the jolt of caffeine to get you going in the morning or through the dreaded afternoon lag…but because you truly enjoy theContinue reading “Chocolate Walnut Biscotti”

Shortbread Cookies…the Finale

My little brother, who by the way is no longer little and who looks alarmingly like my older brother is a man of few words.  He is not the talkative one of the bunch…I’d probably take that crown, as grandpa always said, my mouth was constantly motoring.  However, when James talks he 1) gets his point acrossContinue reading “Shortbread Cookies…the Finale”

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

I am writing this from my living room floor, sitting ever so close to the fireplace.  It is not even 5pm and it is already reaching dusk.  Sadly, it has looked like dusk since sunrise this morning.  Winter in Cleveland is something one has to get used to.  Beyond the snow accumulation, the amount of overcast daysContinue reading “Chocolate Crinkle Cookies”