Peppermint Infused Vodka // Peppermint Vodka Hot Cocoa

Can we discuss the fact that while backing out of my garage yesterday morning, and onto my  driveway  that was covered in snow and snow drifts that were up to my bum (I’m short, this isn’t an amazing feat by any means)…that I may have careened slighty into my yard…but who knows, my driveway could justContinue reading “Peppermint Infused Vodka // Peppermint Vodka Hot Cocoa”

Cranberry Vanilla Coffee Cake and a Guest Post

Well, Hello there! Katie from Katie at the Kitchen Door and I are joining forces today.  If you have never been to her blog – you must, you just have to head over there.  Katie is oh so talented…her talents in the kitchen and behind the camera are out of this world.  When she askedContinue reading “Cranberry Vanilla Coffee Cake and a Guest Post”

Coffee Ice Cream…and other obsessions

OK…I am obsessed.  (with things other than ice cream and the color of  this bowl…seriously, if only I could paint my world in that color, then I would be content.) Obsessed with the new Mumford and Sons album, Babel.  I know it just came out Tuesday, but since Tuesday morning, I have listened to nothingContinue reading “Coffee Ice Cream…and other obsessions”

Chocolate Espresso Bean Shortbread Cookies

Coffee.  I am addicted.  I am totally cool with it. Just coffee, plain ol’ drip coffee…coffee snob, I am not.  Snobs are no fun and make other people feel like crap.  I try not to make people feel like crap.  No one deserves that, especially when they are just trying to enjoy a cup of coffee.Continue reading “Chocolate Espresso Bean Shortbread Cookies”

Chocolate Walnut Biscotti

Happy Monday! I made cookies.  Cookies to be enjoyed with coffee.  And on Mondays, coffee is essential.  But if you are like me, coffee is essential each and every day…(as are cookies!)  Not because you need the jolt of caffeine to get you going in the morning or through the dreaded afternoon lag…but because you truly enjoy theContinue reading “Chocolate Walnut Biscotti”