Chocolate Chip Pistachio Pound Cake

Any pistachio lovers out there?  What a qui-dinky-dink.  Me too. Not long ago, I was able to pick you/we pistachio eaters out of a crowd.  Those red fingers were  a dead give away.  Anyone know why they dyed them red?  I am fully aware that a quick Google search ‘why were pistachios dyed red?’ wouldContinue reading “Chocolate Chip Pistachio Pound Cake”

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Scones

Happy Tuesday friends! I am gonna let you in on a little secret about myself…this whole endless sunshine and extreme warmth is wearing out its welcome.  I need rain.  Much like my grass.  I need a few days of overcast skies and big fat raindrops.  Not a thunderstorm.  Just rain.  No blue sky.  No yellowContinue reading “Chocolate Chocolate Chip Scones”

Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you learn nothing else this day, week, month, year…learn to brown butter.  You will thank me. Once you learn to brown butter, learn moderation or you might need larger pants and Lipitor.  True fact. The perk to browning butter (besides the awesome nutty carmel flavor) … it gives you a chance to practice patience. Continue reading “Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies”

Chocolate Chip Almond Scones w/ Vanilla Glaze

I just did something crazy. Something I have been wanting to do for several years. And by several… we are talking 10 years. Something that my dad will call me nuts for doing.  Not for the first time or the last, thankfully. Something that will take 4 months to prepare for. Hours of time setContinue reading “Chocolate Chip Almond Scones w/ Vanilla Glaze”

Pecan Sandies With Mini Chocolate Chips

I have lived in my current house (only house, besides the parent’s) for 4 years…Besides the parent’s house, which I have tendency to still call home, it is the longest time I have ever spent in one location.  2 years of dorm life, followed by 3 years in one apartment, followed by 1 year in anotherContinue reading “Pecan Sandies With Mini Chocolate Chips”

Chocolate Chocolate Mint Cookies

I don’t have my Christmas tree up yet.  I may not even put one up this year.  Mom, if you are reading this…I am not depressed.  I just don’t want to put the tree away come January.  I am afraid it would become an Easter tree… My Chrismas cards are still in their package fromContinue reading “Chocolate Chocolate Mint Cookies”

Penguins and Gingerbread Chocolate Chip Biscotti

Did you know it’s PENGUIN season?  Or as I like to say (apparently) PINGUIN.  I also pronounce it in a New England accent.  It’s strange.  It happens.  I say a lot of words strangely compared to other Ohioans.  But they are normal to me and I am in no rush to correct my weirdness.  Plus,Continue reading “Penguins and Gingerbread Chocolate Chip Biscotti”

Nutty Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

  I have a kitten napping on my lap.  His name is Stanley.  He is my new roomie.  I like him.  I think I’ll keep him.  However, he is quite a hindrance on my activity level.  I can’t disturb the cute ball of fur.  That would be mean.  The lyrics to “Soft Kitty” is runningContinue reading “Nutty Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies”

PB Chocolate Chip Blondies

Bake sales…they rank right up there with lemonade stands.  They make me smile.  I just like them.  I like them a lot.  Its childhood, small town America, innocence, sugar.  All wrapped up, placed behind a card table with a homemade sign and smiling faces.  All is good.  My only quip with bake sales is that theyContinue reading “PB Chocolate Chip Blondies”