Strawberry Lime Bundt Cake

My hands are tan.  The tops at least…the palms are pinkish/orange (my carrot intake might be a touch out of control…again).  They don’t look like my hands.  Honestly, I think they look dirty…I am just so darn used to them being pale.  My mind is weird.  I can see the million tiny crevices and lines much easierContinue reading “Strawberry Lime Bundt Cake”

Cranberry Vanilla Coffee Cake and a Guest Post

Well, Hello there! Katie from Katie at the Kitchen Door and I are joining forces today.  If you have never been to her blog – you must, you just have to head over there.  Katie is oh so talented…her talents in the kitchen and behind the camera are out of this world.  When she askedContinue reading “Cranberry Vanilla Coffee Cake and a Guest Post”

Orange Pecan Olive Oil Cake

The holidays are long gone, resolutions have been made and broken, snowmen have been built and hills have been sledded, the Super Bowl has been won and lost, and the groundhog has seen his shadow…Dear Winter, all that is exciting during your months (and I am including a large mean fat rodent checking out hisContinue reading “Orange Pecan Olive Oil Cake”

Chocolate Chip Pistachio Pound Cake

Any pistachio lovers out there?  What a qui-dinky-dink.  Me too. Not long ago, I was able to pick you/we pistachio eaters out of a crowd.  Those red fingers were  a dead give away.  Anyone know why they dyed them red?  I am fully aware that a quick Google search ‘why were pistachios dyed red?’ wouldContinue reading “Chocolate Chip Pistachio Pound Cake”

Apple Spice Cake with Walnut Brown Sugar Glaze

Windows open.  Cool crisp air seeps into the house.  My feet are oddly chilled and I search for a pair of thick socks.  I enjoy a few deep breaths, the evening fall air filling my lungs and giving me a bit of a rush.  A warm cup of coffee warms my hands as I gazeContinue reading “Apple Spice Cake with Walnut Brown Sugar Glaze”

Black Raspberry and Peach Summer Cake

OK, so I spent the weekend kinda sorta camping.  But not really at all.  Home camping.  Is that such a thing?  Well, it is now. And I don’t mean pitching a tent in the backyard…even though that was fun when we were ten. I am not going to get into the particulars of the weekendContinue reading “Black Raspberry and Peach Summer Cake”

Cinnamon Sugar Pound Cake

It is 4pm and I am crashing.  Crashing fast.  I am in a tail spin…Top Gun-esque.  Maverick is in my head screaming about a jetwash and ‘coupling up’ (whatever that is).  I hear Iceman shouting, Mayday Mayday…Mavs in trouble and something about a flat spin and heading out to sea.  And then sadly, Goose dies (butContinue reading “Cinnamon Sugar Pound Cake”

Chocolate Pudding Cake w/ Browned Butter Icing

Before my long run yesterday – 15 miles yo! (totally not bragging here- I just simply needed to tell someone how far I ran, because I am super excited about it!)  Anywho.. before my run, I wrote a whole blog post about chocolate pudding and the failure that it was.  A failure that turned into aContinue reading “Chocolate Pudding Cake w/ Browned Butter Icing”