Fizzy Bees Knees – A Gin Cocktail

Remind me to never move south of the Mason Dixon line. Too hot, humid, and sticky for this gal.  Plus, I haven’t learned how to mosey yet so I would just be the sweaty odd duck down there, walking and talking much too fast.  I could get behind the biscuit situation, however.  And caramel cake.Continue reading “Fizzy Bees Knees – A Gin Cocktail”

Browned Butter Vanilla Rum Snacking Cake

  Corduroys, grayish black and cozy as all get out.  A flannel shirt with snaps.  Snaps.  Wool running socks.  Large snow flakes.  Cold crisp air.  A Large Americano.  A scarf that matches nothing and clashes with everything but makes me insanely happy for no good reason.  Gray skies and a frozen lake.  Saturday morning marketContinue reading “Browned Butter Vanilla Rum Snacking Cake”

Strawberry Margarita

i can’t spell margaritas. it is because i can’t get it out of my mouth correctly. i pronounce it marg-er-itas … and there lies the problem. i can’t talk. without the help of spellcheck, this entire post would have margarita spelled incorrectly.  from top to bottom…without me being any the wiser.  it would be muchContinue reading “Strawberry Margarita”

Peppermint Infused Vodka // Peppermint Vodka Hot Cocoa

Can we discuss the fact that while backing out of my garage yesterday morning, and onto my  driveway  that was covered in snow and snow drifts that were up to my bum (I’m short, this isn’t an amazing feat by any means)…that I may have careened slighty into my yard…but who knows, my driveway could justContinue reading “Peppermint Infused Vodka // Peppermint Vodka Hot Cocoa”

A Manhattan in Cleveland

Tonight (Wednesday) is the biggest bar night of the year.  So they say. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  When most or a majority of folks are staying with relatives.  Traveling some sort of distance to spend a day or the whole weekend (4 entire days) with loved ones.  In close quarters with brothers and sisters.  NieceContinue reading “A Manhattan in Cleveland”