Caramelized Apple and Goat Cheese Tartine

I broke/exhausted a paper shredder.  A borrowed shredder, the kind that just sits over a trashcan and only shreds two pieces of paper at a time.  Not heavy duty by any means.  I went three pieces thick one too many times and it died mid-shred.  The pay stubs from 2004 were just too much.  Which leads meContinue reading “Caramelized Apple and Goat Cheese Tartine”

Farro, Cheddar, Walnut, and Apple Salad – A Virtual Salad Party

Wanna know a secret?  I adore salads.  I will swap out a side of fries for a side salad 98% of the time, especially if the eatery has chunky blue cheese dressing or their side salad is made with mixed greens and topped with egg.  I am that person.  I will undoubtedly talk you intoContinue reading “Farro, Cheddar, Walnut, and Apple Salad – A Virtual Salad Party”

Apple Butter Bacon Pizza

Apple butter is probably one of my favorite foods this side of the Mississippi.  Now if you go west of the Mississippi, all bets are off.  I mean, who knows what I will encounter.  Wisconsin and a whole state of cheese are west of the Mississippi…While apple butter would surely hold a spot in theContinue reading “Apple Butter Bacon Pizza”

Apple Pie

Apples, quintessential fall food, right? Sure they are great year round, but fall…fall is when they are at their peak. During my childhood, fall was always filled with apple desserts….not pumpkin.  Apples.  Apples were always in abundance because mom and grandma would take us apple picking.  A small orchard (and in all reality I haven’tContinue reading “Apple Pie”

Apple Spice Cake with Walnut Brown Sugar Glaze

Windows open.  Cool crisp air seeps into the house.  My feet are oddly chilled and I search for a pair of thick socks.  I enjoy a few deep breaths, the evening fall air filling my lungs and giving me a bit of a rush.  A warm cup of coffee warms my hands as I gazeContinue reading “Apple Spice Cake with Walnut Brown Sugar Glaze”

Oatmeal Pecan Apple Raisin Cookies

It smells like fall.  I noticed this on Labor Day.  It was my first fall air inhale of the season.  It was just as refreshing as smelling that first spring air a few short months ago.  Our clothes smelled like fall too  – I smelled a friends sweatshirt, just to make sure.  Yep, he smelledContinue reading “Oatmeal Pecan Apple Raisin Cookies”