Weekend tid-bits.


Are you weekending like pros?  Apple festivals, pumpkin patches, cider and doughnuts, kettle corn and hot chocolate.  People we are in the midst of the BEST time of the year.  GET OUTSIDE AND ENJOY IT.  Go.  Do.  Rake leaves and jump into them.  Smell the air.  Suck it into your lungs.  You can just breath BETTER in the fall.  Deeper, fuller.  BETTER.  Carve a pumpkin but be careful.  I like your fingers.  All TEN of them.   Let your cheeks get rosy with cold.  Hold hands with someone ANYONE (not the stranger in line at the market, that’d be weird) Gotta keep those fingers WARM.   Stoke a bonfire.

I’m SO glad I live in a world where there are Octobers – L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

I know we all can’t be romping through apple orchards and swaying on hayrides.  Where ever you are or whatever you are doing – apple fritter munching or working 9 to 5, I hope you are doing swell and that you can at the very least catch a glimpse of a deciduous tree in all its glory.

I leave you all with a few tid-bits from this past week from the depths of the Internet and to be honest, I am just skimming the surface.  I am actually probably only reaching the evaporation from the surface of the vast ocean that is The Internet.  But you get the point.

I am off to spike my bourbon with apple cider syrup – see y’all on Monday

— When flipping through Instagram feeds this weekend, think of this article.  That photo you are LIKING is a mere second snapshot of an entire day.  Perhaps the only moment within a day that otherwise was chaotic and messy.

—  I give good advice to those in relationships because I read Oprah and articles like this.  And check my expectations at the door.

What do you want to do before you die?   I’d like to drive from Vancouver to San Diego along the coast, stopping as often as I’d like.  I would like to work in a bakery.  Run the NYC marathon.  Your turn.

— It is FALL and I need boots and would LOVE a pair of knee highs.  Simple right?  WRONG.  I have sturdy legs with wide calves.  I run.  The only way to decrease the size of my legs is to stop running.  Not gonna happen.  I did happen upon this website or I could buy these.  Gah! The choices.

— Heading out on dates, I am keeping this advice in the forefront of the brain.  They either like ya or they don’t.  Vice versa as well.

— This bag. This scarf.  It is FALL – I’m in love.

Her posts are often so honest and vulnerable.  May we all be so courageous.  There are some serious haters out there and yet she keeps on writing.  Rock on, woman.   And that child of hers, HOLY SMOKES, cute.

— Can’t meditate, write.  And here is why.

— It is good to know that Mark gets overwhelmed, too.  Eat less junk and more vegetables.  This I can do!

— Do you think we can change?  One step at a time.

— I have hard time reading Leo (even though he wrote for the people, per Rory Gilmore) however, I think we had similar ideas.

— I think I am gonna start reading more poetry.  Mary Oliver is a good place to start, right?

Danke.  Merci.  Takk.

—  OK, so 87, 000 miles isn’t a short distance but one I can fathom.  How often in science do they mention a distance one can make real in her head?  Like, never.  I mean, 4.6 billion years…that I got.  HA!

Awkward silence happens on average every 8 minutes during constant conversation.


OK, that is all.  I think.  I email links and snip-its all week to myself of things that struck a chord with me and I think you guys would like, as well.  It is the equivalent of my grandma cutting out newspaper articles for her neighbor or sister.  I LOVE IT!

Have a great weekend!!


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