Pesto Bacon Breakfast Burger

gosh, it is hot.
all i wanna do is run out into the streets and play in the sprinklers with the neighbor kids.  those neighbor kids that from mid-may to september live in bathing suits and play in the hose and various sprinklers from noon until dusk and always seem to have popsicles and fresh sidewalk chalk.  those neighbor kids that i am madly jealous of each and every day.  do they realize i want to be them, running about in my two piece with no cares in the world, barefoot, and with a killer tan?  every year.

adult hood…for the birds!

adult -land consolation prize, patios and booze.  it’s a decent substitute for chinese freeze tag that i’m gonna have to be happy with because ain’t nobody crawling through my legs to unfreeze me.  i’ll take a sizzling drive home from work if it means an evening of lounging on the patio drinking a cold beer or a gin and tonic and listening to a ballgame or reading a page turner of a summer read.  plus, those kids…their voices lifting into the air, the soundtrack of a summer evening.

oh, and those dinners…i’ll take anything from grilled veggies or pizza to bbq pork chops or brats.
and of course…burgers.

cleveland has some serious eateries with burgers that’ll make ya weak in the knees.  and often, if i am gonna splurge…a hamburger with a fried egg is my go-to.  always a fried egg.  always.  don’t bring it to the table unless it is grilled medium and there is a fried egg with a golden runny yolk topping the burger, nestled ever so carefully below a lightly toasted bun.  it is not a pretty sight to take in, but often i forget i am in public and it’s just me and the burger.  there will be egg yolk running down the side of my pinky or dripping into my palm.  i will need a napkin on my lap and tucked into the collar of my shirt.  you will need to be a real good friend and hold no judgement if you sit across from me when i order a burger.

just so good.

so when the lovely folks at NoshOn.It invited me to join Burger Week…I knew my answer was OH, HECK YEAH! and i would be frying up an egg.  Burger week is great…each day this week, bloggers from around the internet have been posting burger recipes and let me tell you, there has been some serious burger building out there.

the burger i shoved into my face moments after snapping the final pic was my take on what i think is the perfect burger and is a slight spin on a michael symon burger, that i fell madly in love with years ago.  forgo the bun and insert toasted english muffin…those nooks and crannies are perfect to hold ample amounts of pesto.  garlicky pesto and salty melted provolone cheese are groovin’.  pickled red onions tend to tame the onion yet bring a nice bite to the table.  thick cut bacon, because it goes so well with a perfectly fried egg with a runny yolk.  and that runny yolk, well who needs a ‘special sauce’ ?  and the burger itself…grilled to medium and juicy.  and simple.  good beef, salt, and pepper.  that is it.  that’s all you need.  that my friend, is my all time fav.

goodness, i hope you like it and give it a go and also i hope that you travel on over to these other great blogs … happy burger building!


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lets build one together!

 burger mise en place

thick cut bacon fried super crispy … like seconds away from burnt and ruined.  i live life on the edge when it comes to bacon.

eggs are fried in the remaining bacon grease … i don’t know any other way, honestly.  grandma raised me right.

toasted english muffin…be still my heart.

pesto – homemade or store bought…whatever is easiest and on-hand.

pickled red onions…make ’em, find a deli that sells them…either way, eat them!

grilled burger…to your doneness preference…i like ground beef that is at least 80/20 and have an extra 15 minutes? grind your own!

got everything?  lets go then…my stomach is rumbling …

pesto into those nook and crannies.  like mayo on your burger?  mayo pesto?…hells yes!  heavens, i will dip everything in it…including french fries.

dang, my brain doesn’t stop.

melt the provolone over the burger.  can be done the last few minutes on the grill or if you are like me and forget, about 30 seconds in the microwave will get you to the above picture.


nuf said.

my favorite part.  EGG!

those crispy bacon fried lacy edges and that runny yolk…

i was a total boob and broke the yolk as i was layering.  i have the gentle touch of edward scissorhands.

but the yolk still dripped.  it was still golden.  it was still incredible.

pickled red onions and the pesto slathered english muffin top … and it is game time!

shove it in your face, get yolk on your elbow, and burger grease on your nose.  do it right!

Pesto Bacon Breakfast Burger
this will make one burger…multiply ingredients as necessary for more
  • 1 English Muffin, toasted
  • 1 Grilled Hamburger Patty (80/20 ground beef)
  • 2 Tablespoons Pesto (jarred or homemade)
  • 1 Slice Provolone Cheese
  • 2 Slices Thick Cut Bacon, cooked to your preference
  • 1 Fried Egg, sunny side up
  • Pickled Red Onions
  1. Moments before burger is done grilling, place provolone cheese slice atop of the grilled hamburger patty and allow to melt. (30 seconds in the microwave post grilling will also do the trick)
  2. Spread 1 tablespoon of pesto onto the top and bottom pieces of the toasted english muffin.
  3. Atop the pesto on the bottom half of the english muffin, place the provolone covered hamburger patty, crispy bacon, fried egg, and pickled red onions.
  4. Top with the other half of the toasted english muffin.
  5. Enjoy!
*ground beef, for hamburgers, i go no lower than 20% fat. so pick 80% lean 20% fat at the grocery. [br]**let formed patties sit at room temperature for 20-30 minutes before grilling. [br]*** i like just salt and pepper as my burger seasoning…to each their own.[br]****grilling hamburgers..high heat, flip only once, and do not ever flatten your burger with the spatula. [br]***** 5 minutes per side will produce a near medium burger…increase just a minute or two per side if you prefer medium-well to well done. the last minute of cooking, add the cheese and cover so it melts![br]****** let the meat rest for about 5 minutes or so before digging in. let the juices redistribute.

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    1. RIGHT! plus, when i am out walking or running and there is a sprinkler…i may run through it a few times and even cross the street to catch one. and at least we can put booze in our popsicles!


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