Weekend Happenings; Birthday Edition.

How was your holiday weekend?

Mine flew by unsurprisingly fast because that is what they do when life is happening and you are living it.

It was full and left me feeling like I need to take a 5th day off from work to perhaps sleep and get some laundry done – I am reaching into the underwear that is saved for the days of last resort.  We all have that backup plan, right?  It goes for socks, too.  So,  if I get ran over by a car (which will be the only reason that the general public will see my undergarments in the next 72 hours), the EMS is going to find embarrassingly thin panties and my big toe sticking out of unmatched socks.  No bigs.

Life is happening.  Laundry can wait until Wednesday.

There was a birthday (gah, I turned 31!), a bridal shower (congrats Chris and Jeanette!), a 3 bike pile up (and a front flip over the handle bars), a cookout, a visit from twin bambinos, s’more eating, a motorcycle ride, strawberry rhubarb crisp, a visit with grandma, a trip to Lowe’s, and evenings on the patio while dad played DJ.

Seriously, life is so stinking good right now.  Not everything is going right nor as planned and there were definitely some squabbles and quibbles and burnt marshmallows this weekend but I am beginning to realize it is those times that make the laughter and easy conversation so sweet and good.  I am fortunate in that I am one part of a greater unit that remains closely knit no matter the meltdown…be it child or adult induced.  Be it a tantrum that unravels the entire bunch or an emotional breakdown that requires the strength of so many shoulders to keep ya up right.  We are there for each other.  It is my parents doing…they kinda rocked it on the whole ‘being a family’ bit.

Anywho…I am gonna catch my breath and get a recipe up as soon as humanly possible!  In the meantime…check out these …

Monet…you are taking me back to my Auntie Anne Days!

I just used up the last of my rhubarb…but the next batch will be devoted to this. And congrats!

Who doesn’t love a good before and after ?  You have me thinking about going cabinet-less!

Joy brought to my attention this hysterical rant.  Laughed the entire way through.

Follow these folk on Instagram.  Or Facebook.  Or however you follow folks…just do it.  Gotta love a wet nose.

I am a huge podcast lover.  This is my new favorite.  Also listen faithfully to Alton Brown, Joy the Baker, The Moth, and The Art of Simple.  What are you listening to these days?!?

I am craving steak.  Either I am hungry or my iron levels are low.

I am 100% behind this.   Show up, no matter what, with a whole heart.  Friendship, y’all.

And I will leave you with a few pics of the weekend.  Let’s just say more time was spent inside helmets than out.

And this final one…my mom is going to kill me for posting.  But I just love it. My mom will see wrinkles and messy hair, but I see a grandmother taking 5 minutes to play one more game.  And that is my mom.


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A twenty - something (at least for a little while longer) trying to squeeze the most out of life...but mainly baking/cooking up a storm in my kitchen while watching Netflix.

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