Weekend Happenings

This past Saturday we ventured out to the The Cleveland Flea.

And I am so glad we did.

I didn’t purchase anything besides German beer, a bratwurst with kraut, a brownie, and a homemade popsicle.  There was so many things I wanted that I couldn’t wrap my brain around any one thing..so I just bought food.

And it was delicious.  I will be better prepared next time … so many great things!

Besides food trucks and a good many tents selling ice cream to bubble tea…there are about 100 vendors selling handmade jewelry and leather goods to vintage goods and your normal flea market goods.  It was a little adventure with each little tented space.  Loved it.  We will be heading back in June when they pop the flea market up again.  It is the second Saturday of every month running from early spring to late fall. Here are a few images of the day…

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There were dogs…and kewpie dolls.   One always a little creepier than the other. There was a band and a bus full of stuff.

Beer and brats with Ronald McDonald.

Just chillin’ on a lovely Saturday afternoon.

Mustaches and double decker dining tables.

Both a tad risky.


Dainty teacups just right for delicate teas and strong coffee.  Saucers from a different time and age resurrected to live again.  And forks and knives and spoons…gah!

This stuff makes me happy from the inside out.

Who has a thing for hands?  Or tiny ballerinas from 1954?  I have just the place for ya…

What do they hold?

Can you find Waldo me?

We finished the day off with a lemon ricotta and a sea salt strawberry popsicle … Chill Pop Shop – you guys are doing it right!

Across the street from The Flea…there was this great church…

The windows…

Those doors.

The dangling lanterns just top the whole deal off.

It is amazing what is in and around Cleveland.  If ya just look.

So glad we checked out The Cleveland Flea .  Remember…second Saturday of every month through late fall.  Check it out!

oh and check it!

My herb children survived their transplant!!!  So glad I didn’t kill them.

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