Fridays and lists…like peas and carrots

She turned 8 on Tuesday.  She read me a chapter of this book on Facetime.  To say it was the best part of my week would be an understatement – and this is a week in which I saw JT concert.

This list made me feel grateful.

This is shameless plugging for my cousin…Who has a beard?
and don’t you just love the font?!?

She always seems to have the words.

I have a patient that sees ghosts…I think he has this.  He seems happy with seeing ghosts, plus it gives us something to talk about besides how sick he is feeling.  But maybe it is ghosts.

Wise words Mr. Hemingway.  Wise words.

I CAN NOT get the lyrics of this show out of my brain.  They have been stuck for about 25 years, but now they are spilling from my lips daily.  (and I did not enjoy the live performance – and don’t tell me it was the play version vs the movie, i get that and appreciate the difference…however, find a Mary Martin amongst us , not a Carrie Underwood, thanks NBC). 

And have you seen the previews for this movie?  Love the plot, actors, actresses, history, etc…ALL. OF. IT. 

Lucky ducks.  ’tis the season.

I don’t want to be part of one, but I’d like to be at the mall when it does take place.

Want more procrastination lists?  Tracy’s are bomb and here is mine from last Friday.

Happy Friday the 13th.

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