people, places, things, and ideas …

Still wondering why I didn’t buy this hat …

A fun list of people, places, things, and ideas that I feel the need to share.  now.

Brené Brown.  I shouldn’t have to say anything more.  Read this.  Watch this.  And this.  And then get in the arena.

Speaking of TED talks…which we are – you would know this if you clicked one of the above links.  This poet is nothing short of amazing.  ( i wish i could memorize words like that…i have troubles with Happy Birthday and The Lord’s Prayer…and this is not a joke)

This blog.  Her honesty, rawness, humor (which at times, I doubt she is trying to be quote funny, however it always gets a burst of laughter from me), and her way with words.  It is one of my fav new blogs.  And if you have children…it’s a must read.

I want a Polaroid camera because of this lovely lady.  The photos are so darn dreamy – and I love her Etsy shop.  I own this print…puts and keeps life in perspective.  She spent Thanksgiving in a yurt.  I don’t know what a yurt exactly is…but she is knocking of a to-do list and I high five her.

This shirt.

This blog and the little notes.  I found it just today.  That is what is great about the Internet and blogs…always something new to discover. ALWAYS.

I signed up for this lottery.  So did my brother.  Fingers crossed one of us gets a spot…

This is still causing me stop and shake my head.  I am glad he is no longer unemployed, but still…

I would never blink again.  And that would be OK.  Splurge?!?

I had so much fun doing this.  Post coming soon.

I want to spend time here, I want to walk here (also an interesting conversation on parenting abroad), I dream of this place biweekly, at least.

She always has me thinking.  And I love these.

Joy is teaching Baking 101…ensuring successful baked goods this Christmas.

This coat was my best investment in years. YEARS.  The hood is a hoot.

What are you loving right now?  What is inspiring you?  Where are you visiting/dreaming of?  What can you not live without right this instance?  I’d love to know!

Hope your weekend looks a tad like Stan’s every day!

Love ya




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A twenty - something (at least for a little while longer) trying to squeeze the most out of life...but mainly baking/cooking up a storm in my kitchen while watching Netflix.

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