Loving Life/Lists….

Have a seat, let’s talk.  It’ll be a little one sided right now, but that’s how this how Internet/blog thing works.

1. I have finally learned how to use these doo hickeys….or my hair has become long enough.   And speaking of hair thingys, these are ACTUALLY gentle on your hair and look pretty decent on your wrist.  My arm candy always includes a hair tie.  Finally a replacement for the beloved scrunchie.

2.  My new Netflix addiction.  The West Wing.  I love the fast-paced dialogue, the constant sparing, the unyielding devotion to one another, the characters – Josh, Donna, CJ, Leo, POTUS, Toby, Charlie…I enjoy the character’s human qualities that flow right into the main plot.  Like ER, medicine and trauma upfront (or White House politics if we are talking West Wing)…but there was always a Dr. Ross and Nurse Hathaway interaction.  Sometimes less is more.  OH!  And I forgot how smokin’ Rob Lowe is.

3.  I just discovered Before Sunrise and Before Sunset.  The only theater in Cleveland showing Before Midnight is cleeeearrr on the east side.  We Cleveland folk have an issue going back and forth…how it takes FREAKING forever being my main argument.  Will have to wait for it to hit DVD.  Are you hip to this set of movies?  This trilogy of a love story.  A love story set in real time.  Before Sunrise was made in 1995.  Before Sunset is set and made 9 years later.  Before Midnight, 9 more years.  Genius…Glad I didn’t know about the movies in 1995.  I am not known for my patience.

4.  This might be my favorite new blog.  And probably come October, a favorite book.  People are quite honest and I LOVE it.  My favorite snap shots are those of elderly couples who are still madly in love.  Gives me a bit of hope…and smacks an instant smile on my face.  It is seriously a rabbit hole, so beware…

5.  Started training for my next half-marathon.    I needed a reason to get out the door and run.  So I signed up for another race.  It has done the trick so far.  Goal…under 2 hours.  Perhaps under an 1:50 – it’d be a PR.  We shall see.

6.  I am learning to like Feedly….minus the fact that it won’t load on my work computer.  I think it is sabotage.  Just pisses me off.

7.  Don’t tell anyone, but I am kind of over summer.  The 90+ degree days of last week did me in.  I prefer cool/mild weather.  I like jeans and cardigans.  My thighs rub together when I walk – I wasn’t made for shorts.  Too much info?

8.  Reading anything good right now?  I am a bit in-between.  I have a ton of possibilities on my Wish List @ Amazon, but can’t decide what to read next.  Not to say I don’t have about 5 books started and sitting randomly around my house…but nothing that I CAN’T stop reading.  Any suggestions?  I don’t like thrillers.

Hope you guys have a great week!  Last full week of July – holy smokes, right?!?

9.  Oh!  and I LOVE how Stanley sleeps with his arms folded….it is quite misleading…he is a MONSTER.


Now, go out and be awesome and have a great week!



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A twenty - something (at least for a little while longer) trying to squeeze the most out of life...but mainly baking/cooking up a storm in my kitchen while watching Netflix.

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