Can we have a lunch date?  Or perhaps a long lingering brunch with eggs to dip my buttered toast or blueberry pancakes piled high and soaked in maple syrup?  And bacon.  We could chit chat about our day/week/month…those that lie ahead and those we have whizzed right through.

We will mutter and be exasperated by the speed at which time is passing…and then laugh at how we sound like our mothers.  We will acknowledge that this discussion is customary – to be expected, we bring up time flying by as often as old men talk about the weather…something we say out of fear of having nothing to say.  God forbid a lull in conversation.  We will say it has been forever since we have seen eachother and then blame it on the racing clocks.  The rising and setting of the sun will be our scapegoat for falling behind.  It happens.  We all do it.  It’s OK.


There will be talk of kids, because seriously, who doesn’t have a whole crew by now?  Which is bonkers and crazy and all sorts of awesome.  I will listen intently about vomit and breast feeding (having no experience in either, all I can do is lend my ear) and be secretly waiting for the story of when your child told an inappropriate story to his pre-school teacher or repeated a curse word in public.

We will talk books and movies and music – have you purchased JT’s new album?  No?  Me neither…but I did watch History of Rap 1-4 numerous times and remained awake for most of his SNL performance…I prefer his humor over his musical talents.  You will say it is because I like to laugh.  I would not be able to disagree.  We would both agree, however, that there is something about a man in a suit and tie.  And then I will bring up Daniel Craig.

You will most surely ask about my dating life and I yours if you, too, are single.  If you are off the market, I will laugh while rolling my eyes and try to explain the world that is dating…And if you are wading through the dating scene alongside me, we will recount dates gone ary and sigh with relief that we are not alone in this.  Single or married…we will both agree that texting, while handy and adored, has probably inhibited/ran a muck many a relationships…and has caused much more confusion than clarity.   And what are the rules in regards to social media?  Oy.  Are there rules?  It was easier when we just called people.  On the telephone.  That was attached to the wall in the kitchen and had a cord that reached all rooms of the house.

I’ll ask you if I should chop my hair.  The thought has being passing through lately.  However, short hair will make my helmet hair that much worse come riding season, which I am itching to start.   We will decide to hold off on any chopping…especially since I just learned to work these spiral bobby pin thingys.  I have mastered (and let me use that world lightly) the messy bun…which I am most definitely sure is not sexy, but is more gentle on my hair.

this article  will crack us up and we will agree with the entirity of it, especially this line….  “I want a man— and this is the theory by which I live— only sees me in a room of a thousand girls and picks me a thousand days in a row, no questions asked. I want the guy who tells me, every day, that I rock my cardigan— hard!— and who appreciates a good pairing of a cardigan and some Chuck Taylors.”   Amen.


I will talk about wanting to move somewhere with milder winters and warm falls and early springs.  I will bring up Tennessee, which will lead us to talk about San Diego…it’s a natural segway.  Trust me.  I always have this itch/urge to move, to see, to travel, to change, to experience.  A touch of wanderlust has always lived within, but I have rarely, if ever acted upon it.  Maybe one day.


And since we are friends, I will provide you some sort of bake good in a mismatched Ziplock container.  Green bottom, blue top.  Red bottom, tinfoil top – Proper lids escape me.  You will probably trade me for an empty container.  I am sorry if you are watching what you eat.  I am a poor influence.  I think Oprah would call me an enabler.  I wear the badge proudly.

The waiter/waitress will clear our dirty dishes, refill our coffee, and politely ask if they can provide any other service….we are close to overstaying our welcome.  The check will come and since no one ever has cash anymore, or is that just me?  – a single credit card will be laid upon the bill, while the other vows to pick up the tab the next time around.  One will insist and the other will surrender.

A quick hug, a smile, and a wave and we will depart – well fed,  happier and fulfilled.

Today just went from good to better.

Thank you!

Published by Mallory

A twenty - something (at least for a little while longer) trying to squeeze the most out of life...but mainly baking/cooking up a storm in my kitchen while watching Netflix.

3 thoughts on “Lately…

  1. Thanks for understanding me in the Chuck Taylor’s place. I’m so glad you enjoyed and related to my blog post. I love hearing that I’m not alone in my dating stances.

    I’ll certainly be keeping up with your blog now!

    Many thanks,
    Brittany H.


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