Happy Friday!

Let’s chat…


I am sitting on a block of ice that I found in my freezer.  Doing the whole 20 on and 20 off thing that I learned from high school.  I think I stole the ice block from work thinking it was a bag of ground bison meat.  Common mistake.  Right?  No?  Uh.  Anyways, it has been taking up substantial room in my freezer because I can’t throw anything away and it turns out that is a good thing, well at least for tonight.

Why is my pajama clad leg(pictured above) sitting a lump of stolen ice (below all the stripes)?  Because I think I tweaked my hamstring. Awesome, right?  I thought so.  Hopefully this helps.  And Heather, if you are reading this…I can still walk, it is just a bit sore and kinda hurts when I walk…But I’ll be good and rest.  Promise.  I think this nearly 30 year old ass needs to start stretching before running or walking or laughing.  Yeah, I never stretch before and rarely after.  In my 10+ years of running, I just never have.  But the tides may be turning.

You may have guessed by now that I do not have a recipe for you.  I plum ran out of time this week.  Plus, this whole sun setting before it rises is killing me!  Gone is my motivation as well as the natural light in my kitchen after 4pm.

I scored some seriously awesome cookies and peanut brittle in a cookie exchange on Tuesday.  This peanut brittle is epic.  And is a great evening snack and pairs amazingly well with a glass of ginger ale and bourbon.  When I eat peanut brittle I feel like I am channeling my grandpa.  He could always be found stealing a piece from the candy dish during the Christmas season.  I wonder where my sweet tooth came from?

We are going paperless at work.  I work in a hospital.  Just take a moment to visualize.  Surprisingly, it has gone smoother than expected, but there are still minor headaches to deal with and at moments it can get frustrating.  But we are saving trees!  I don’t think that was the purpose of going paperless…something about patient safety and improving blah blah blah.  I just think about the trees.

I bought velcro rollers at CVS tonight.  My hair is getting super long and I am sick of using heat to get it to do anything.  I am going old school.  I can’t work a bobby pin (not joking), so the probability of me being able to work these rollers is pretty low.  I actually have no hope.

I think Stan sleeps for about 20 hours a day.  The other 4 hours, he is trying to climb walls, attacking my legs, and knocking over glasses of water.  He is just the best.

This instagram song had me cracking up and if you have an elf on the shelf…this is hilarious ( it does contain adult language)

I hate the Sears commercial that makes you think it is a movie trailer for a great holiday romantic comedy, but then the dude runs into a fridge in the middle of an airport and I become instantly annoyed.  Who puts a fridge in the middle of an airport!?!  I am a sucker for holiday romantic comedies.  Love Actually, anyone?  Yeah, I thought so.  There are some pretty great movies out right now.   I haven’t seen any of them because the movie theaters are near the mall and I do not plan on going there until I have to.  I am not a fan of crowds that are meandering about.  I shop with purpose and prefer to power walk my way through a mall (or anywhere really) and meandering crowds tend to slow me down and I find myself tailgating people.  It can get real awkward.

I hate A Christmas Story.  Worst Christmas movie ever.  I, however, am stoked about my bobble leg lamp I scored at the Cavs game.  It’ll be living next to Omar and Frank Thomas. Seems appropriate.

And seriously, what are they doing on Grey’s Anatomy?

Thanks for chatting with me today!  I know it was a bit one sided…but leave me a note with a few of your ramblings.  I’d love to hear them!  And on Monday, I promise to have a new cookie recipe for you.  Promise!


Published by Mallory

A twenty - something (at least for a little while longer) trying to squeeze the most out of life...but mainly baking/cooking up a storm in my kitchen while watching Netflix.

2 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. I really hate that commercial too. My boyfriend loves it. I think my blogger-sensitivities (and the fact that I might have actually wanted to see that movie! … Embarassing) are offended.

    Hope your leg feels better!


  2. Hahahaha, I love that you mention me. Jay has trouble with his hamstring often – make sure you ice and STRETCH!
    And I thought I was the only person who hated A Christmas Story!


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