Seattle 2012

I have just returned from a week on the west coast.  Or the pacific northwest, which sounds so much cooler, right?

I am right.

There were clouds and a bit of rain, and then some sunshine and blue skies, and then rain that came at us sideways, and then a bit more sunshine.

There were mountains in the distance and a sound immediately before us.

Hills were climbed and ferry rides taken.

The pacific ocean visited and an island discovered.

A ferris wheel ride at dusk and a jaunt around the space needle ( none of which help moments of vertigo…incase you were wondering.)

Coffee (enough to float a boat, errr ferry) was drank and french pastries were enjoyed.

And the best pumpkin beer was imbibed – thanks Kelly!

Seattle…you are kinda cool.  But I think you already knew that.

Now, I will begin my photo purge.  I apologize in advance.

 Kerry Park, Queen Anne Hill, Seattle

Kerry Park, Queen Anne Hill, Seattle

Original Starbucks, circa 1971…they have a barista from Akron.  Go figure.

Brick paved alley beside market.  I love a brick building built on a slope.

Rachel the Pig.  Pike Place Market.  Kids, unknown.

Tourist.  Locals apparently don’t use umbrellas.  Hardcore.

Pike Place Market, fish market.  Not the one that throws fish.  I saw fish throwing, but was never quick enough with my camera.

I really wanted to scare this kid.  I haven’t a clue what that says about me as a human.

Flower shop, Pike Place Market

Flowers, Pike Place Market

Pretty cabbage.  I don’t know, but I like it.

Pepper hanging do-dads.  Actual name.  If I was making them, that is.

Kilt wearing, guitar playing gentleman at Pike Place Market.



Russian Bakery @ Pike Place Market

Elliot Bay Book Company.  Swoon.

Lake Washington.  If you use your imagination, you might see a mountain.

Banjo Player, original Starbucks.

Washington State Ferry.

Puget Sound

Ferry on Puget Sound, coming from Bainbridge Island

Puget Sound.  From ferry going to Bainbridge.

Sailboat off of Bainbridge

Ferry rides were a touch windy.

Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Island

Boat house, Bainbridge Island

Sorry, more boats.

Bainbridge Island

Mocha from Blackbird Bakery,Bainbridge Island

Me.  Enjoying yet another coffee and baked good.

Bainbridge Island.

The last picture of Bainbridge.  Promise.

Space Needle from Ferry.

Ferry passing.

We rented a car, weathered a storm, and ventured down Highway 101 along the Oregon Coast.

Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Oregon Coast

Path to beach.  Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast

I like rain.

The most angry of oceans.

Oregon Coast

Rock/small island.  Either way, amazing.

Mom weathering the weather.

More Cannon Beach, Oregon

Blowing sand, moving with such ease over the surface.

Man with family…

Quite possible that they were blown away.

The many faces of me.

Top Left, Bainbridge. Top Right, Me trying to look like my mom.  I think I have it nailed.

Bottom Left, Atop Space Needle ( I think the vertigo was getting to me).  Bottom Right, Bremerton

View of Puget Sound from Pike Place Market

The amount of blues and grays in this picture makes me a very happy lady.

And finally, Mt. Rainier.

Our day trip here was cancelled because of bad weather and not until our ride to the airport to leave did the mountain finally appear.

Thankfully, while flying in and also while leaving SeaTac, the mountains raise up through the clouds and are purely majestic.

And that my friends is about 75 pictures from roughly 400 pics that my mom and I snapped.

If you ever get the chance to visit Seattle or the state of Washington, remember to layer your clothes, have a rain jacket, be ready to climb a few hills, and keep your eyes open because there is a lot to take in.

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8 thoughts on “Seattle 2012

  1. Looks like a great trip! I’ve never been to the West Coast, but want to go as soon as it’s not a million dollars to rent a car and roadtrip… i.e. when I turn 25.


      1. – I visited your site after a comnmet you made on Damon Tucker’s blog. I am so glad I did. Absolutely stunning photography, I wish I had 1% of your talent. Your pictures are incredibly beautiful.Tom


  2. okay so I am way behind on my Google Reader but it was probably a mistake to try to catch up because it meant seeing this post and all of the stunning photos in it. seriously, mal. GORGEOUS. that foliage is uh-maze-ing. i’m a sucker for gorgeous leaves and it seems like the pacific northwest is where it’s at [second only to New England, but I’m biased]. I think I’ll have to make a trip next fall just for the leaves and the beer alone–I’m so happy you got to try it! :] thanks for sharing your trip with us!


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