One a Day … Week #6

Monday, 7-2-12…I don’t think Stan has a bone in his body.  So slinky.

Tuesday, 7-3-12…Sunset on July 4th Eve.  I had kinda sorta forgotten about this whole picture taking deal.  When this happens, a sunset is what I capture.  If the sun is still up that is.

Wednesday, 7-4-12 …Happy July 4th!  America’s Pastime on America’s Birthday.  We also got bobble heads.

Thursday, 7-5-12…Totally forgot to bring my camera or phone anywhere I went today.  Mel and I attended a strudel making class…totally missed capturing our awesomeness at stretching strudel dough.


Friday, 7-6-12…Guess what?  I nearly forgot again!  Doh!  But then I made scones for Saturday morning.  Chocolate chocolate chip scones.

Saturday, 7-7-12….

Mel and Todd needed some help with their patio and since Todd put my patio in, I figured I could help them out…a little manual labor never hurt anyone.  Plus, since I was gonna sweat just blinking on Saturday, I might as well look like it took some sort of activity beyond blinking to make me sweat like a pig

( do pigs sweat?…did I just compare myself to a pig?  Ignore me.)

After a little work on the patio, we headed to a small town festival for some ice cream and a very quick walk around.


I love a country general store.  Especially this one…look at this wall of sprinkles!


And the wall full of cookie cutters…

heaven.  help.  me.


And a checker board…

While we were away…it rained.  I left my windows down.  Todd and Mel’s Dad thought fast.  Thanks guys!


We harvested garlic.  I think I am set for awhile.  I apologize in advance for the smell that will soon be pouring out of my pores.

Sunday, 7-8-12

I have found a substitute for Diet Coke.

I LOVE carbonation.

Stan’s post when I am kickin’ in the kitchen.

Great bowls I found at the flea market thing/ox roast we went to on Saturday

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