Ocean Isle, NC 2012

Well, Hello there!  How’s life?  I am in post vacation depression.  Which is totally a real thing.  Just ask my family.

Last week…as in just a few days ago …I was happily sitting on a beach, the sun in my hair (and sligthly burning my skin), my toes in the sand (and the sand finding its way into everything and everywhere)…oh, and there was most definitely a drink in my hand.

My family was lucky enough to find ourselves able and willing to spend another week together, in 1 house, just steps away from the surf and sand of the Atlantic Ocean.  It was a short week. ( clarification: the week was 7 days in length, like all weeks, but it ‘felt’ short, as in it flew by, as if it had wings…for some reason I felt the need to clarify that, sorry) A week that we stuffed to the max with fun and laughter and some good ‘ole family time.

The vacation started a day early for my parents and I.  We headed out early Friday morning on the Harleys.  We made the wise decision to break up the trek into two days worth of travel.  Boy, did our butts thank us!  We rested for the night in Asheville, NC and headed out early the next morning after meeting up with the rest of the crew.  With the caravan complete…we continued our trek to the shore.  After this trip, I am sure of one more thing in life..motorcycles were meant to be riden over mountains, through tunnels, and around curves.

Helmet hair, however, kinda sucks.

Before we continue…I should warn you…there are A LOT  of pictures.  Mainly of my niece and nephew.  And my brothers.  I promise there were others there….but, since most of our time was spent in bathing suits and since I refuse to show my bathing suit clad body here, I figure it wouldn’t be fair to show others…y’all can thank me later.

Here is the entire crew…well minus Aunt Irene and Mom.  At least in this picture.  Yes, we know, self-timers, right?…eh, we prefer to take multiple pictures and use our imaginations.

See…can you figure out who is missing ( not officially missing, just taking the picture)?  James did a bit of photoshop work on these two pictures, however Alyson ended up with no feet.  And Jeff, is it really photo bombing if you are supposed to be in the picture?


We spent nearly every waking hour on the beach.  In the ocean.  Playing in the sand.  Soaking up the sun.

And every evening, we all felt like this.

Sibling love.

It runs in the family.

I was supposed to be taking a picture of them with their sea turtle.

But I didn’t.

See, Giant Sea Turtle.

Which mom and I took total credit for when they went up to the house.

I don’t think they have ever taken a serious picture.

Their faces will be straight right up until you snap the picture and then they go all goofy.

James Hasselhoff?

Their poor wives.  I should have warned them.  I didn’t.

This kid is fearless of the water.  His sister is a tad hesitant.

But I worry (but not really at all) that she is more fearful of us trying to dunk her than she is of sharks trying to eat her.  Or of water up the nose.

Which she should be.

I still get dunked.

 Those sunglasses I am wearing…were eaten by the Atlantic.  And possibly a shark.  Eventually.

They were good sunglasses.

I stink at owning sunglasses.  Never trust me with yours.  Unless you want new ones.

We hit a water park mid way through the week.  Ya know, to give the kids a break.  Ha!

Carter tried to take a nap after this picture.

It was pathetic.  And kind of cute.

The boys rented kayaks the final day.

Super fun!

Just don’t think about sharks in open water.

Did you know…that when you are in the ocean, you are only 10 feet away from a shark at all times?

Thanks Dad.


At least we are weird together.

 Vacation was a blast…only 51 weeks until next year!


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