Because 26.3 Would Be Crazy…


Dear Cleveland Marathon,

Just a quick Thank You note.  Thank you for being my first marathon.  We were awesome today.  My feet and your pavement…we rocked it.  Cleveland, while you are not my first home, you have become my home, and I think we are now forever friends, no matter where life leads us.

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for cheering me on today and for believing in me from Day 1 of training.  Thank you Mom and Allie for getting up at 4:30am and traipsing downtown to watch us start and finish.  Thank you James, Megan, and Dad for watching Carter, allowing Jeff and Andrea to run the half and for cheering us on from home.  Thanks to the whole family for driving the three hours to spend the weekend up here…best family a girl could ask for.  Thank you Andrea, for running the last bit with me…we killed it.  Thank you Mel, Todd, Jacki, Hazel, and Bo for showing up at mile 4…Jackie sorry for the sweaty hug, I was way excited!  You guys are the best!


Dear Volunteers, Police, and EMS,

Bless you!  Thank you for handing out water, Powerade, and gel packs every few miles.  Thank you for spraying me with a hose … it was delightful and made me feel like a 8-year-old running through sprinklers.  Thank you for shouting encouragement as we grabbed water from your giving hands.  Thank you for cleaning up our mess as we littered the streets of Cleveland with paper cups and empty gel packs.  Without you….this wouldn’t have been possible.  And your high-fives, they were the best.

Police and EMS…thank you for closing streets and highways so we could plod down them.  Thank you for directing traffic so we crazy runners wouldn’t become road kill.  Thank you too for shouting encouragement as we ran by you as you held cars at bay.  EMS…today was hot and you were there to help those negatively affected.  While I didn’t need your services, you eased my mind knowing you were there.  Thanks.

Dear Hill @ Mile Something or Other,

While I can’t remember the exact mile and there were a few random hills out there…so this is to all of you.  You were tough.  I charged (steadily ran at a constant pace and pumped my arms) up you and you didn’t ease up on me.  Thank you.  You allowed me to push myself to the limit.  Thanks!  Thank you for making the flatter course segments seem less difficult, at least for a few steps.  Oh hills, we have a love hate relationship going on here.

Random Strangers Handing out High-Fives,

Those were some of the best high fives…ever.  You too are awesome.  And those with funny signs…thanks for the smiles.

And last but not least, Mother Nature,

Seriously!?!  While I thank you for not providing us with snow or thunder…you were pretty harsh with that sun of yours.  You could have eased up a bit, I mean it was my first marathon and all!  Geez oh petes.  Because of you, I have a few more freckles after today and because of Coppertone…I am not burnt…thank goodness!  You raised the height to the already huge hurdle that is the marathon … Mother Nature, next time we need to talk beforehand.

Oh and one more, just for kicks…Dear Progressive Field Hat circa 2008,

Thanks for shielding my face and eyes from the scorching sun.  Thanks for directing the sweat away from my eyes and face…for a free hat, you are pretty stellar.  If only the hat said Jacob’s Field.

Marathon…I will see you again.  You were too much fun to just complete once.

Until Next Time,




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4 thoughts on “Because 26.3 Would Be Crazy…

    1. Thanks Heather! It was a great time and I am still kind of in awe of the whole experience! I can’t believe it is over or that I actually ran that far! Ok..I still might be under the influence of that runner’s high!


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