Happy Thanksgiving!

Good Morning!  What are you doing on the Internet?  Shouldn’t you be watching the parade?  Or making a last minute run to the grocery.  Or prepping the turkey?  Are you hiding from your overly talkative aunt?  Anywho, I am glad you stopped by.  Happy Thanksgiving by the way!

This is my 28th Thanksgiving. 28 Macy’s Thanksgiving day Parades. 28 years of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, and pumpkin pie.  So, 28 food comas.  28 years of sitting at the kid’s table ( I don’t think I will ever graduate to the grown-up’s table and I don’t think I want to).

Thanksgiving.  I am posting today 28 things that I am thankful for.  From warm hearted and sappy to simple, silly, but oh so true.  Today, as you are cheering your favorite football team on or trying to avoid eating yourself into oblivion…take a moment and be thankful.

Here is what I am thankful for.

1. Family and friends.

I think this is a no-brainer, but we have a tendency to take for granted those that are closest to us.  Let them know that they are loved and appreciated.

2. OK, something less sappy.  I am thankful for the Indigo light on my watch.

I need to know the time when it is dark more than you would think.  I have become quite dependent upon it.

3. Basset Hounds.

All your worries just melt away when you look at a basset hound.  There long ears and melancholy eyes.  Laughter just bubbles up inside when you see them run, walk, breath.  With just a cock of the head, the world is right again.

4. Fireplaces.

Instant warmth on chilly nights.

5.  Hairdryers.

My hair doesn’t dry straight and yet it isn’t wavy/curly either.  It is that strange in between.

6. Heated car seats.

A toasty bottom.  Need I say more?

7. Socks, thick cushiony socks.

Socks that make your feet sigh with relief after a long run.

8. Black yoga pants.

And male bosses that do not know the difference between black yoga pants and dress pants.  Score one for the gals.

9.  Silence

Rather intimidating/terrifying at first…just you and your thoughts, and then the trying of quieting those thoughts.  Tough but enjoyable once you realize you aren’t that scary and that you won’t bite.

10.People who use cellphones appropriately

I will not get on my soapbox, promise.  But a BIG THANKYOU to people who know how and when to put their cellphones away.

11.This book

Read it.  It goes with #12.

12.  Yoga

I have never enjoyed a form of exercise this much.  Ever.

When I leave yoga I feel centered, calm, happy, kind, and taller.  I love feeling taller.  I leave wanting to be a better person.  I have never gotten off a treadmill wanting to be a better person.   Come to think of it, there are few things I have ever done where I leave wanting to be a better person.  Yoga rocks.

13.  The TV show, New Girl

It makes me laugh.  Out loud.  Literal LOLing.  I watch it and think that there is a good possibility that I might know the writers or that the writers are reading my thoughts.  Love it.

14.  The Library

I borrow/rent (sometimes I owe them money) novels, cookbooks, movies, TV shows, Cd’s…I am thankful that I have rediscovered this little gem.

15. Fingernails

I just peeled my left pinkie fingernail off.  With a peeler.  I use my pinkie finger a lot when typing.  A lot.


16.  Stanley

Sometimes I call him Walter and he still seems to know I am talking to him…thank goodness I can’t read his thoughts.

They are probably not pro-Mallory.  Ah well, that is what he gets for biting my ears in the middle of the night.

17.  Treadmills

I am able to run when it’s cold and rainy outside.  Or cold and snowy.  Or hot and humid.  I could run outside, but I prefer the treadmill when it’s not just perfect outside…

18.  Memories

What is your favorite turkey day memory?  Mine was when my family tossed all traditions to the wind one year and made dad’s spaghetti and meatballs.  As a child, I thought we were quite the rebels!  Yum!

19.  Google

Or any search engine.  I love how, even if I spell it wrong, like way wrong, it knows what I am searching for.

For this reason, I have a tendency to use it as my spell check/dictionary when writing, texting, facebooking, tweeting…

20.  Bernoulli’s Principle

I love airplanes.

The fact that my house is in the flight pattern for the Cleveland Airport was a major selling point.

It never gets old watching planes take off and land.

21.  Change of Seasons

I may not love winter, but it makes me enjoy the other 3 seasons much much much more.

I just couldn’t imagine living in a place that doesn’t have 4 complete different seasons.

22.  Laughter

I giggle, I cackle, I snicker…all the time.

23.  Garbage Men/women

They take your unwanted things.  Your rotting trash.  Your worn out furniture.  Your recycling.  Things you no longer want in your home.  They throw it in the back of their trucks and haul it away.  Seriously, what would we do without them?!?  Life would be smelly, that is for sure.

24.   I am thankful for this blog.  Fork vs Spoon

I am happy there is a place for me to log my recipes.

 A place to share my thoughts.

A place to expand my creative side.

25.  I am thankful that somethings made in China actually withstand the test of time.

My niece is currently ‘camping out’ on grandmas floor in my New Kids in the Block sleeping bag.

We entertained ourselves earlier with Barbies and doll clothes dating back to my mother’s time.

Plus, Allie said ‘woah, her boobs are huge…I mean, seriously…look at them’ … that kinda made my day.

She is six.  Well almost.

26.  Pinterest

Talk about inspiration at your fingertips.

Plus, you can ‘pin’ anything you like onto your boards from around the net.

If I like a cake, I ‘pin it’.  If I like a dress, I ‘pin it’.  Shoes…’pin ’em’.   I have a common place to come back to when I want it.

27.  Ice Cream.

Must I explain this?

28. Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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