I might turn into a lobster

Well, I just packed up my mom, grandma, and aunt and sent them home.  Well, I didn’t send them.  I would have liked them to stay longer, but vacation can’t last forever.  That is right, we were on vacation.  Jealous?  You should be, it was fantastic.  7 glorious days, spent with 3 of my favorite ladies.  Three generations of women, in one motel room, with 2 double beds, and one bathroom.  Oh and the TV was non-HD.  But since there was no men on this trip – that whole TV thing didn’t matter.  Space was a bit crowded, but we wouldn’t have had it any other way.  Plus, did I mention the ocean was just steps away?  Well, it was. 

Yep, that is the one I am talking about. 

Where did we go?  Rhode Island.  I love Rhode Island.  I didn’t know I loved it until we started going there 3 years ago, but my mom, grandma, and aunt were hip to its wonders.  And grandma knew long before my mom and aunt.  You see, grandma was born and raised in Providence.  However, 63 years ago she married my grandfather.  My grandfather, who was a farmer from Ohio.  So my grandma, got hitched, packed up, and moved west.  City gal gone farmer’s wife.  That’s the short version.   So we go to the east coast.   Makes sense. 

Let me show you what made me fall in love with this tiny little state. 

Scarborough beach.  We were tossed in its waves and numbed by its frigid waters.  Crazy?  Yep.  People stared.  We laughed.  We found random bruises and scabs at weeks end.  Extra Motrin was needed.  I still have sand in my ears.   I’d say boogie boarding was a success. 

Narragansett, Rhode Island is close to the fishing community of Galilee and Jerusalem.  It smells a bit,… well fishy, and that is putting it nicely.  But each boat is full of fisherman, whom I bet also smell like fish.  These fisher of men spend their days catching lobster and swordfish and flounder so hungry gals can feast upon it in the evening.  I LOVE these men. 

What intrigues me most about this community is the boats.  Not just the boats, but the names inscribed on the hulls of the boats.  Who are these women?  Are they wives?  Long lost loves?  Or like the one above ” Hopeful” , is it just a plea with sea.  Here are a few more. 

I bet she was a bombshell in the 50’s. 

Wendy Lee, she has strawberry blond hair and moved to the sea, escaping the fields of the mid-west.  She found herself a fisherman.  At least that is what I like to think. 

Who is Martha Porter, Helen or Lois Virginia?  Oh my curiosity is killing me!  I’d love to hear the story behind Foxy Lady. 

We took a day trip to the cape.  Cape cod that is.  We meandered along the southern coast, driving through one small, quaint, old town after another – turning off at any mention of a beach or harbor.  The above is Bowman’s beach. 

This is Truro.  This is what I hope heaven looks like.  Seals were floating in the chilly water, just off shore.  When I retire or win the lottery, this is where you can find me. 

We eventually made it to Provincetown.  Tip of the world.   Last year, we took a whale watching tour, but this year we decided just to eat like whales while in Provincetown. 

Lobster Pot, the home of my 4th lobster roll, out of 9.  In case you were wondering.  Anthony Bourdain got his start here.  Great food, great views.  Oh and their lobster bisque, well I could swim in it.  Fact. 

Wednesday, we spent playing in the surf and sand, but Thursday we travelled up to Newport.  The International Boat Show was starting.  Oh Boy!  We decided to take a little sailboat ride.  And by little, I mean it was a 4 sail, 80 foot schooner.  And I raised a sail.  Learning to sail is going on the list. 

Clingstone.  Smack dab in the middle of Narragansett Bay.   This house was built in 1905 by the Wharton family.  It is said that Mr. Wharton built it as a get away from his wife and children (they have another mansion up on the coast).  First man cave?  Its rather stunning.  Albeit, eerie as hell at night. 

I have a thing for blue sailboats. 

Warning – this here fact may make you sick.  This is Jackie Kennedy’s childhood doll house.  Its four stories and has an elevator (for her dog).  It was first intended to be a guest house for the mansion, but since the mansion had fifty rooms, there really was no need…so Merry Christmas Jackie!  Holy Moly.  Her and John exchanged their vows in Newport and their wedding reception was held in that front yard.  Kinda cool. 

We spent our last full day at Point Judith.   I grew up with this lighthouse.  It is all over my grandparent’s home.  I like it better in person. 

When the tide is low and the surf is not as strong, we like to go poking through the rocks.  Star fish, crabs, and snails are what we normally find. 

But no poking around on this day … a tad bit rough. 

Amazing.  We don’t have this in Ohio. 

We also don’t have lobster rolls or clam cakes in Ohio.  Ridiculous if you ask me.  Just not fair.  I had 9 lobster rolls in 7 days.  I never looked at a menu.  I would do anything for lobster rolls or clam cakes.  Anything.  Test me.  I dare you to.

OH! and oreo coffee ice cream.  Well, this is what I hope heaven tastes like. 

Narragansett Beach.  Surfing was popular on our last day.  I must learn.

Here are a few tidbits that I learned this week.  New Englanders, nicest people in the world.  Seriously – they are genuinely lovely people.  They are also dog people.  Well behaved dogs everywhere.  I am thankful for yoga pants ( 7 days of lobster rolls and clam cakes doesn’t do the waistline good).  George’s of Galilee has the best lobster rolls.  Brickley’s has the best coffee Oreo ice cream.  Aunt Carrie’s clam cakes are amazing.  I love cedar sided houses.  I want a New England accent.  Oprah was right…Moscow Mules are delicious.  I can’t wait to go back next year.

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