Mushroom and Onion Quesadillas…

Is it weird that I can watch Trauma:Life in the ER on the Discovery Channel while stuffing my face  daintily eating my dinner/breakfast? 

The show is seriously addicting and for some reason it makes me giggle – I know, I know the situations are horrific, however the hospital staffs are great.  The other day a dude came in who had shot himself and the doctor asked him if he had ever shot himself before.  REally?  Is that a question you have to ask?  Do people shoot themselves multiple times on a regular basis?  And live to tell about it???  Kelly or Carla, if you are reading this…some feedback please 🙂 

Maybe I like watching it because I generally only see the discharged part of the whole fiasco.  I set them up with the pain meds and antibiotics and send them home at 3am, however I have no clue what happened before hand.  And I get curiouis.  Very curious.  This show helps cease the curiosity.  Or at least gives my imagination fuel…

All in all, its a good show…for the strong stomached that is 🙂

So, what was I scarfing picking at while glued to the tube?  A quesadilla of course…

Not just any quesadilla though…this one was stuffed with mushrooms, red onion, roasted red pepper, and goat cheese.  I have been stuck in a mushroom and onion state of mind lately.  It has been delicious!  And you haven’t lived until you have tried the trio of goat cheese, mushrooms and onions…wowza!

I tried making these with a healther whole wheat version of a tortilla…though good, it didn’t have the texture I was hoping for.  It never got exactly crispy/flaky like a quesadilla should be.  Also, I used my George Forman fat grilling machine to make mine…it provided a nonstick surface, no flipping required, and well all my skillets were dirty….

Lets get to it!

Here is basically everything you will need to assemble your quesadilla…From the left…monteray jack cheese, sauteed mushrooms and onions, goat cheese, tortilla, roasted red pepper, oh and a bit of butter 🙂 



Butter one side of the tortilla…the side that will go face down on the hot surface. 



Layer on the ingredients on half of the tortilla…



Fold it on over …



And after a few minutes with George…it looks something like this…

Cheesy, crispy, savory…glorious.



Slice into wedges, enjoy!


 Mushroom and Onion Quesadillas

 Serves 2, maybe 3.


2 Flour Tortilla

1 Tablespoon Butter

1 Red Onion – thinly sliced

10 ounces Mushrooms – sliced

3 ounces Goat Cheese

1/2 Cup Monteray Jack Cheese – shredded

1 Roasted Red Bell Pepper – sliced

Extra Butter, for tortillas




Prepare vegetables.  Preheat broiler, and place red bell pepper on a sheet pan and place under the boiler.  Broil until skin blackens, turning every so often.  About 10 minutes or so.  Once sufficiently blackened, remove from oven and let cool (cool enough to handle).  Remove skin and cut into thin slices. 

In a medium skillet over medium – high heat, place 1 Tablespoon butter, mushrooms, and red onion.  Cook until tender and slightly browned, stirring occasionally.  About 10 minutes. 

Assemble quesadillas.  Lightly butter one side of tortilla.  Place buttered side down and on one half of tortilla sprinkle monteray jack cheese, roasted red bell peppers slices, and mushrooms and onions.  Dot evenly with goat cheese.  Fold tortilla in half and place in skillet/George Forman Grill and grill until browned on both sides.  Just a few minutes.

Remove from heat source and with sharp knife or pizza cutter, cut into wedges.  Enjoy! 


Tips:  The filling for these quesadillas can be increased or decreased to feed any quantity of people.  Do not stuff these too full, stuff falls out!


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