Ocean Isle, NC

Hello again!  What a week.  What an amazing week.  I went on vacation to Ocean Isle, North Carolina with my family – 12 in total.  All of us in one house for 7 whole days…glorious!!   This is just a quick blog of our fun in the sun.  I will be back soon with more recipes later this week once I re-stock my fridge, turn on my oven,  and get back in the swing of things…

Until then, this is what I did this past week.

Ocean Isle Beach at sunrise on our first morning.  I LOVE THE BEACH. 

We put the umbrella out every morning…we got attached to our little section of the beach.

So attached, we constructed a castle.  The castle was still there when we left…just above the tide line.   I am responsible for the front door and window…I am not the artist of the family.

Future surfer…He loved everything about the beach even the mole crabs.

She was disappointed that we were only staying a week and not the whole summer.  I felt the same way!  She entertained us the whole week with things she learned from cartoons. 

We watched pelicans fish every morning…I know where the Airforce got their idea for fighter jets.


Yes, that’s me in a UV shirt I bought at The Children’s Place…

One of my favorite pictures…dreamy.  

We grilled out. Brats and hot dogs one night and …

Hamburgers and shrimp another night.  Talk about relaxing. 


We made a day trip down to Myrtle Beach to see what it was all about….it wasn’t for me, but we had a good time.  Allie wasted a quarter looking at the sky swearing it was the ocean…crazy kid. 

After 7 days at the beach, the Ohioans had to go home.  Dad and I took the Harleys.  We rode the entire way home…750 miles.  I may never walk the same. 

 Nipple Mountain…it has a real name, but Dad properly renamed it.

We had an absolute blast and are already planning next years trip.  From morning walks to collect sea shells to midnight walks to chase crabs, we enjoyed every minute of vacation.  I am truly grateful to have such an amazing family with whom I get to share vacations with. 

Oh and I am tan…seriously tan, not burnt, but tan.  WoOhOo!!!  I think the trick was the UV shirt 🙂

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