West Side Market, Cleveland OH

My next blog was going to be about barbacue pulled pork sandwiches and creamy coleslaw and all that good summer stuff, but today I spent an AMAZING day with friends and needed to share this with the world.  They actually just pulled out of my drive way and not even home yet, and I am writing about them.  Jackie and Mel are wonderful, hands down – tremendous people.  Great human beings as a beloved teacher/coach used to say.  And this is the story of our journey together today. 

Mel and Jackie…my partners in crime 🙂

Jackie met me at my humble abode and we met Mel and her sister at the West Side Market, which is a Cleveland treasure.  It is just that, a market.  It contains produce and tons of other booths that contain anything from bread and strudel to pork and chicken feet.  It is wonderful and mouth watering.  I wish I had a family of 10 to feed when I am there, so I could buy to my hearts content, but again, I must restrain myself…

Look at all the produce!!!!!!

We ate lunch and bought food for dinner, which we would later prepare back at my house. 

We met up, ate at Steve’s Gyro – which is awesome, go there it will not disappoint! – (will be on Food Network on June 20th at 10:30 pm on The Best Thing We Ever Ate) bought some fresh ravioli, basil, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, a baguette ( I liked feeling Parisian for the moment), a few escargot – which Mel tried – props to her!, and some other odds and ends. 


The gyros….did I mention that they were HUGE?  Like big as my head huge! 

This doesn’t give it its due…think Chipotle burrito, but bigger…

It didn’t have a chance…

Back to shopping, grocering, marketing…what is it called???

We all went to college in Toledo, University of Toledo to be exact…shout out the the old U of T!  Toledo is known for their scales if you were wondering.

Look at those radishes and green onions!!  Who wouldn’t want to jump in the kitchen after seeing such things???

A view from the balcony, overlooking the entire interior market.  The booths have a ton to offer, but if you just look up, the architecture is lovely!  I don’t know anything about architecture, but I know what I like, and I love this building!   Tiled ceiling, amazing.  Truly a Cleveland gem. 

There is a lot of pig statues standing about…I like them.  They are cute!

Chicken feet…I just don’t know about these.  Not sure I ever will…

This is more my style….

Mouth is watering…

Once we had full stomachs and tote bags, we headed for my house.  Dinner was just around the corner!

We made a chopped caprese salad (a little nontraditional I know…) and piled this high on the baguette that was nice and toasted.  Caprese bruschetta, that is what I am calling it.  Recipe soon, promise!

Mel actually ate these!!!  Not sure if she enjoyed them, but I sure did.  The shells are pretty, don’t you think?

Because of this, I didn’t get a picture of the sun dried tomato or egg plant and garlic ravioli (from Ohio City Pasta).  Nor did I get a picture of the blondie brownie with strawberry ice cream.  Trust me they looked and tasted wonderful!

We finished the night off sitting here…

Chatting and reminiscing of good old times.  We do this every time we are together.   There is nothing like a good night with girl friends to make everything right in the world.

Thanks Mel, Jackie, and Kelly



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2 thoughts on “West Side Market, Cleveland OH

  1. Looks like one of the best days ever. Where was the Great Lakes break for a couple of pitchers of fine swill? That close and didn’t stop? Blasphemous! Lol. Great times great post but don’t quit your night job cause your just not allowed since you are missing out on some awesome rants from the two angriest pharmacists you know. (elyria and lakewood)


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