Memorial Day Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend was full of ’em…

Shenanigans that is. 

I ran out of the kitchen this weekend and spent some much needed time out in the good ‘ole Ohio sunshine. 

My weekend started on a Thursday night, when 4 of us (Jeff, James, Andrea, and I) went to the Zac Brown concert down in Columbus.  We had a great seats and they played one heck of a show.  I would recommend their music to anyone.

We got home late Thursday/early Friday morning and since I was the lucky one that didn’t have to work the next day I spent the day resting with my parent’s basset hound, Duke

 and their mutt, Fud. 

They are a pair.  We spent the afternoon watching the French Open – I just can’t help myself when it comes to tennis, especially when its located in Paris.  Oui Oui!

I know I know, you are probably wondering where’s the sunshine?  Well it didn’t start shining until Saturday…I am getting there.

I spent Friday night at Jeff and Andrea’s because about 5 months ago, Jeff talked me into yet another race.  The last time he did this I ended up running 13.1 miles…this time it was only a 10K, however it was through mud and over obstacles.  Yes, mud.  The Original Mud Run ….

So Saturday morning I was awoken by my 5 1/2 year old niece sitting on my stomach at 6AM.  The race was to start in 3 + 1/2 hours.  Oh what were we thinking?  Can’t we just be normal and sleep in on Saturday mornings?  Nopers.  I pulled on my bright blue tights, orange shorts, and an old t-shirt and squeezed myself in the backseat of their Explorer.  Smack dab between a sleepy 2 year old and a bright eyed and bushy tailed 5 1/2 year old.  Off we went.  Again, what were we thinking!?! 


An hour or so later and after picking up some fellow crazies we were on our way to the starting line.  We made our pact not to leave anyone behind, double knotted our shoes, took some ‘before’ pictures, and off we went.  We had no clue what we were in for….

I was sure my legs weren’t long enough…


Smells like mosquito sex…

Working hard…

Anyone coming with me?

Unibomber?  Nope, just Jeff

Shawn, whats that on your face?


It was a blast!  6.2 miles of obstacles (rope net, rope swing, tires, army crawls, river crossings, etc…) and mud that was likely to take your shoe.  Jason (a fellow nut) put it correctly by saying ‘he had mud in places water had never been’.  I would have to agree.   Let me put it this way, mom is currently washing my race clothes for the third time and the water is still rather muddy…

It was the most fun I’ve had exercising, ever…this will be a yearly race. 

After the race and once I had been sprayed off with the fire hose we made our way home and spent a relaxing evening with the family. 

Sunday was equally great, just cleaner.  After church, my parents and I jumped on the Harleys and took off for the afternoon.  What a great day to go riding!  We wound our way through the country.  Right on this county road, left on that state route, slowly through this small town…you get the idea.  About half-way through the ride we stopped for our usual mid-ride snack of ice cream.  I have noticed that every town has an ice cream shack on the main drag…I love small town Ohio.  My dad likes to say that when he was younger he used to ride from bar to bar, but now he rides from Dairy Queen to Dairy Queen….true, so very true!

 Dad’s ride…

My Ride…

Once we got home we went back out and bought mom and dad a new grill, theirs bit the dust last fall.  So once dad and I put it together – he instructed, I turned the wrenches –  mom did some grilling.  We had a feast of salad, steak, chicken, corn, mashed potatoes, and cold beer. 

We are now sitting here content and happy with life.  Tomorrow we are hoping to get back out on the bikes and discover some new ice cream stands!

Wishing everyone and safe and happy Memorial Day!

I’ll be back in the kitchen this week!

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A twenty - something (at least for a little while longer) trying to squeeze the most out of life...but mainly baking/cooking up a storm in my kitchen while watching Netflix.

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