Choose Wisely

fork vs spoonFork vs Spoon or maybe I should have titled this blog  Fork or Spoon but that domain was already spoken for.  I have only been asked this question in my parent’s home and the discussion of which utensil is best (dependent upon the dish) has only been argued at my parent’s table.  Some may be asking…huh?  Let me explain.

Family dinners at the Fay household can be described as many things;  hectic, colorful, a little crazy, but always tastey.  Once dinner is  either cooked, picked-up, and or delivered it is by the grace of God if the table is ever properly set (holidays maybe).  Clearing the table of Play-doh, painting supplies, laptops, and other objects meant to entertain small children is as far as we get.  The plates are handed out and the silverware drawer is opened and the voice of my mother is heard asking “fork or spoon?”.  Now do not assume that we are not allowed both utensils.  If you need both fork and spoon, then certaintly both are provided, but how often during a meal do you actually use BOTH fork and spoon??

This may be my mother’s genius way of decreasing her workload allowing her to spend more time crafting with grandkids and less time at the kitchen sink, but it does raise a rather interesting question.  Fork or Spoon?

Depends on the food one is being served.  Mac & Cheese?  Soupy …spoon please.  Baked …. fork please.  Pie?  If it is blueberry – spoon please.  Apple? Fork please.  Tacos – what will you use to eat the remnants that fell from the shell?  Cake and icecream, don’t need both, so which do you pick?  I prefer a spoon. 

This blog is not so much abot whether you pick the fork or the spoon, or oddly both, but is simply about picking up a utensil or two and digging in!  In my first attempt at a blog I will be writing, cooking, and discussing different cuisines, recipes, meals, cookbooks, and whatever strikes me as interesting in the kitchen world.  I would love your company and feedback on this journey of mine! 

Dinner is served…Fork or Spoon?

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A twenty - something (at least for a little while longer) trying to squeeze the most out of life...but mainly baking/cooking up a storm in my kitchen while watching Netflix.

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