One A Day … Week #7

Week #7.

This week, while I took a few pictures each day, I kinda forgot which day each was taken.  So these are in random order, for the most part.  I need to find a better organization method besides ‘ I will remember that I took this picture on Tuesday’, knowing darn well that come Sunday…I will not remember.  Whatsoever.  At least, I haven’t yet.

Here we go….

I couldn’t find matching socks … so this happened.  I felt like I was keeping a secret all day long at work.  It was kind of fun.  Weird, right?

What is a week without Stan.  Such a ham.

Work watermelon.  I was pleasantly surprised by the black seeds and I had this urge the entire time that I was eating, to spit the seeds across the pharmacy.  I didn’t. But boy did I want to.

Blank canvas.  At this point, I realized that I had forgotten to transfer the pictures from the memory card to my computer before deleting them entirely.  Doh!  The page remained blank for a few days longer…

Day lilies surround my patio … they are hearty little suckers.  Which is a good thing, as I am not a faithful watering gardner.

And of course I have weeds, but at least the weeds are pretty.  Queens Anne Lace, which I just googled and it is also known as wild carrot in the UK.  That my friends, is a random fun fact.  That, and did you know that Chipper Jones’ real name is Larry.  Yeah, Chipper is way better.  Sorry if your name is Larry.


I had to remake the farro salad.  Therefore, I had a super healthy and filling lunch on Friday.

Saturday’s big decision.  I went with the strappy navy blue ones.  I have a bit of a shoe … well, I don’t like to call it a problem.  Collection?

Target clouds via Instagram.  Oh Target…some day I will walk through your doors and only buy the one thing I was looking for, instead of 20 random items.

All in all, week #7 was good.  And onto week #8 we go!  Have a great week friends!

One a Day … Week #6

Monday, 7-2-12…I don’t think Stan has a bone in his body.  So slinky.

Tuesday, 7-3-12…Sunset on July 4th Eve.  I had kinda sorta forgotten about this whole picture taking deal.  When this happens, a sunset is what I capture.  If the sun is still up that is.

Wednesday, 7-4-12 …Happy July 4th!  America’s Pastime on America’s Birthday.  We also got bobble heads.

Thursday, 7-5-12…Totally forgot to bring my camera or phone anywhere I went today.  Mel and I attended a strudel making class…totally missed capturing our awesomeness at stretching strudel dough.


Friday, 7-6-12…Guess what?  I nearly forgot again!  Doh!  But then I made scones for Saturday morning.  Chocolate chocolate chip scones.

Saturday, 7-7-12….

Mel and Todd needed some help with their patio and since Todd put my patio in, I figured I could help them out…a little manual labor never hurt anyone.  Plus, since I was gonna sweat just blinking on Saturday, I might as well look like it took some sort of activity beyond blinking to make me sweat like a pig

( do pigs sweat?…did I just compare myself to a pig?  Ignore me.)

After a little work on the patio, we headed to a small town festival for some ice cream and a very quick walk around.


I love a country general store.  Especially this one…look at this wall of sprinkles!


And the wall full of cookie cutters…

heaven.  help.  me.


And a checker board…

While we were away…it rained.  I left my windows down.  Todd and Mel’s Dad thought fast.  Thanks guys!


We harvested garlic.  I think I am set for awhile.  I apologize in advance for the smell that will soon be pouring out of my pores.

Sunday, 7-8-12

I have found a substitute for Diet Coke.

I LOVE carbonation.

Stan’s post when I am kickin’ in the kitchen.

Great bowls I found at the flea market thing/ox roast we went to on Saturday

One a day…week #5 week 3 and 4 are still in the works.  Week 3 was totally pushed to the wayside because I was preparing for vacation.  And week 4 was spent on vacation, which those pictures can be seen here.  So, let’s get to week 5!  It was full of new technology (well, to me at least) and severe storm clean-up.

Monday, 6-25-2012.  Clouds over my house.












Tuesday, 6-26-2012.  Flowers at my front door.  Purple cone flowers.  Echinacea.












Wednesday, 6-27-2012.  I drank the juice.  It is delicious.

















Thursday, 6-28-2012.  Since I killed the basil I started growing from seed, I figured I should just buy a ready to go plant.












Friday, 6-29-2012.  My parent’s home was hit by a severe storm on Friday.  We spent part of the weekend cleaning up.












Saturday, 6-30-2012 – Duke, who was a bit confused by the storm and the following clean-up.  He is too darn cute.
















Sunday, 7-1-2012…Stanley, who isn’t too keen on the impending storm.

One a Day…Week #2

Week #2.

06-04-2012…Dinner at Lola’s Monday night.  Great way to start off the week!  I really wish I had snapped a picture of East 4th…those twinkle lights that drape across the street just…well, I can’t explain it, except to say they make me smile.  Big smile.


06-05-2012 – Looking for Venus.  I never found Venus.  I Googled it instead.  Google found Venus.  and…my nose is a tad crooked.  Uh.


06-06-2012 – I joined a local CSA (community supported agriculture) – Fresh Fork Market.  Our first summer bag was this week.  I was impressed to say the least.  There were radishes, garlic scapes, greens, a few more greens, strawberries, a whole freakin’ chicken, and then some….


06-07-2012 – With those above mentioned strawberries, I made strawberry handpies.  Reminiscent of those Hostess pies mom would stuff in our packed lunches for field trips…stuffed next to a can of Faygo pop wrapped in tinfoil.  I miss those tinfoil wrapped cans of pop…or I just miss the field trips.


06-08-2012 – I live with this monster…A kitten, turned cat, turned lion, turned flying squirrel.

06-09-2012…I spent Saturday in the kitchen.  With my apron on – I meant business!  Finally made that tomato soup I have been craving!  And the evening was spent at Melt Bar and Grill…I love their menus.

06-10-2012…Oh Lordy..there are two pictures of my cat this week.  Heaven help me.  He wanted to play on the computer too.


One a Day, Week 1

Monday 5/28/2012, Mel and Todd’s yard. early morning.  Very early morning.

Tuesday 5/29/2012,  flowers on my front porch.  Thanks Mom!

Wednesday 5/30/2012, I don’t close cupboard doors or pantry doors…this is my kitchen, at all times.

Thursday 5/31/2012  motorcycle at hd…good thing I already have one!

Friday 6/1/2012, The patio on a rainy Friday morning

Saturday 6/2/2012 – New boots, Harley fender…and me, with oddly wide hips in the reflection…

Sunday 6/3/2012, Mom and dad’s fridge…I kinda love the pig in the chef’s hat.