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Dark Molasses Gingerbread Cake

This cake has been tempting me since I first laid eyes on it while perusing Food52.  And then it started taunting me when I saw that Molly used the cake as her base for terrariums.  Edible gingerbread terrariums.  Seriously?!?  I won’t even mention her gingerbread farm except that I will and the windows are freaking Jolly… 

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Tid-Bits…A Friday Edition

This cake is in the oven.   ER is on repeat – season 3 to be exact when Dr. Ross was all dreamy and bad ass,  Goose, errr Dr Green, was battling some internal demons, and Carol was studying for med school.  I am tempted to find ALL of the Christmas episodes (they are some… 

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Nov 15 2014_4778_edited-1

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookies

‘ You could use these as bait for any kind of trap‘. A compliment from a grateful co-worker as he stuffed perhaps his third of what would ultimately become eight cookies by the end of his shift, into his mouth.  Side note – I often pray to the high heavens for his metabolism. I am… 

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Let’s Give Thanks!

Sooooo…there is no way I am going to find time to provide you with recipes for 5 appetizers,  7 sides, 8 desserts (2 of which would be pie), 4 cocktails, and a beast of a golden roasted turkey (tip: we roast ours upside down).  I should have started back in August like every other food… 

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Weekend Tid-Bits

I am waiting for furniture to be delivered.  A couch and a chair – I am praying to the dear Lord that it fits up the stairs – I will keep you updated.  My previous couch got stuck not in one but two staircases.   A chainsaw was involved on the second staircase – it… 

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Apple Cider Bourbon

I sit at the far end of a long table.  I make eye contact with the patron at the other end and simply ask if it’s okay that we share the last lone table available at the cafe/bakery that we are both indulging in on this fall day. From the looks of the weather channel, it… 

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