• Caramelized Apple and Goat Cheese Tartine
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  • Roasted Vegetable and Apple Hash
  • Tid-Bits on a Wednesday
  • Tid-Bits

Caramelized Apple and Goat Cheese Tartine

I broke/exhausted a paper shredder.  A borrowed shredder, the kind that just sits over a trashcan and only shreds two pieces of paper at a time.  Not heavy duty by any means.  I went three pieces thick one too many times and it died mid-shred.  The pay stubs from 2004 were just too much.  Which leads me… 

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Weekend tid-bits.

  Are you weekending like pros?  Apple festivals, pumpkin patches, cider and doughnuts, kettle corn and hot chocolate.  People we are in the midst of the BEST time of the year.  GET OUTSIDE AND ENJOY IT.  Go.  Do.  Rake leaves and jump into them.  Smell the air.  Suck it into your lungs.  You can just breath… 

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Jul 06 1977_4560_edited-1

Roasted Vegetable and Apple Hash

  The first week in the new space proved to be a bit lacking in the food department.  The excuse being late nights at work that left me pulling into the driveway well beyond 8pm.  On these evenings,  I found myself eating scrambled eggs, loaded with goat cheese, often times straight from the skillet, with… 

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Tid-Bits on a Wednesday

I didn’t think I would be gone this long. I had prepped, planned, and prepared to the best of my ability to keep me ahead of the game.  I had made plans and then life happened.  Isn’t that what they say?  When there are more balls in the air than you are able to keep… 

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Here are some facts. My kitchen is in boxes around my feet and I can’t tell which end is up.   It took me twenty minutes to unearth a bowl yesterday and then the scones that came from that bowl were just ‘eh’.   And I don’t have it in me to rework them today…. 

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Sep 03 2014_4286_edited-2

The End of Summer Vegetable Frittata

You guys!  I am moving. In the brick and mortar sense.  With boxes and packing tape.  Newspaper and bubble wrap.   Black sharpie markers and newspaper.  There are boxes stacking up in the front room and I am in the ‘ it gets worse before it gets better’ stage.  Stan is just playing in the… 

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